Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring is in the Air!

   Its been in the 40's the past couple days!  Oh, its been wonderful!  It doesn't even feel cold anymore!  :)  Today is so bright and sunny and most of the snow is melted off.  I looked out the window this morning and thought it must be at least in the 60's!  An early spring morning.  But when I opened the door, I discovered my eyes were playing tricks on me.  Its still cold out there.  But, the birds are singing, and to me, that's the first sign of Spring!  It makes me want to run outside and take a deep breath of cool Spring air.  There's a certain clean smell in Spring.  Everything is brand new and so fresh.  I love Spring! Its right around the corner!
   I had to do some shopping yesterday and took the kids with me.  We've all had a bad case of cabin fever lately and I knew the kids needed to work off some energy.  But just what do you do in the middle of winter, when you live in town?  There's nothing to do!  So I gave in and did the only thing I could think of.  I actually took the kids to MacDonalds.  I have this thing with MacDonalds.  Their food is lousy and the only way they can get people in there to eat it is to build Play Places for the kids.  I can't remember the last time I ate there.  I avoid MacDonalds.  I'd rather not eat than eat there.  (ok, personal opinion. :)  But, WHAT DO YOU DO WITH TWO TODDLERS WHO NEED SOME EXERCISE, and the only place to go is that big wonderful Play Place at the local MacDonalds??  So, while we were in town, I broke down and dragged myself in there.  What a mother won't do for her children!!!  :)  The kids were so excited they could hardly eat.  I didn't force them.  The kids played for a little over an hour and by the time we left, Christian had made friends with just about every little boy there!  Probably couldn't tell me a single name though if I asked.  I love it how children can play all day with another child and never get their name.  :)  The kids wore themselves out and Audra just about fell asleep in the shopping cart at Walmart afterwards.  It was a good day, and we all enjoyed getting out.  It always takes so much longer to get anything done when you have to haul two toddlers and an infant in a car seat every where you go, but when they are not with me, I find that I miss their chatter and constant questions. 
   Andy submitted the paperwork to get a loan on a house in the country.  We're waiting to hear from the agent handling it.  It looks like we'll be able to get a real good loan!  Next step...hope that the seller will take our offer!  I pray we can be in a house before time to plant a garden! 
   I've started Wesley on some fruit.  He's got to take an herb to help with this rash problem of his, but the stuff absolutely tastes horrible!  I gave him a drop of it the other day and he about came off the floor.  So I tasted it and its got a terrible bitter, sour taste way worst than lemon juice.  So I figured I'd better dilute it somehow with some sweet fruit or we'd never get him to take that.  I couldn't blame him.  So last night I mixed some with some apple sauce.  It was Wesley's first taste of anything like that, and the faces he was making had me in stitches.  :)  But everytime I took the spoon away, he'd look longingly at the bowl and his arms would flail wildly until I gave him another spoonful.  The funny face again, then the flailing arms.  The applesauce hid the herb perfectly, so now I've got a plan that's a keeper for getting it down him twice a day.  :)  I'm also supposed to give him chicken broth, and I haven't figured out how we're going to manage that.  He won't take a bottle, and a dropper is way too slow.  (I tried that yesterday).  Maybe I'll mix some into that fruit along with the herb.  :)  Add a little cereal and that'll probably do the trick. 
   Tuesday is our Ladies Meeting at church.  One of our ladies will be giving her testimony and I'm looking forward to it!  Her family has been through a lot this past year and yet she's had such a sweet spirit through it all.   She's been such a blessing to me!  I think the trials have made her and her husband stronger.  I'm looking forward to her testimony.  We're having a finger food "potluck", and I need to sit down and figure out what I'm going to make.  I also need to dig out some decorations and figure out how I'm going to decorate the basement of the church where we'll eat. 
   We're all dealing with colds right now.   My constant companion these days is a box of tissue.  I've actually got those and rolls of toilet paper placed strategically around the house for easy grabbing when I see a runny nose.  It seems all I do these days is wipe noses.  But, what are mom's for, right?  :) 
Audra loves playing with her box of bows.  She's all girl when it comes to frills, pretty dresses, and bows in her hair. 

uh....ok, she's real limber. 

Love the face!

But this one is even sweeter. :)

Kissable cheeks! 

Apple Jacks for supper?

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