Monday, February 17, 2014

A VERY Long and Cold Winter!

   This has been a long, long winter, and oh so cold!  I am SO looking forward to Spring!  I went to Richmond a couple days ago to do some shopping.  My last stop was Walmart, and when I went in, it had just started snowing.  When I came out about 30 min later, it had snowed at least an inch.  I started home behind a line of vehicles going no more than 20 miles an hour.  The road was covered in slush and ice.  By the time I finally got back to Liberty, another inch had fallen.  I tried to go out to pick up Christian and Audra from their babysitter, but as I headed out on the country roads I was sliding around so much, I decided to go back home and let Andy go get them.  He took a different route than I did and later told me he just about got stuck more than a couple times.  Our van does amazingly well in snow and ice, but still, it can only handle so much.  Especially on hills.  I'm a chicken when it comes to hills and ice!  It continued to snow late into the evening.  When it finally quite, I went outside into our back yard, free of drifts, and stuck a ruler in the snow.  A whopping 9 inches!!!  There hasn't been enough time between snowfalls for the previous snow to melt off, so its just been adding up. I hear we're going to get more nasty weather tonight.  Oh, its been a LONG winter!  

Our back yard.

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