Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wesley Update...

   I took Wesley for a follow up visit to the dermatologist yesterday. Although his rash is much better, I still feel like I'm barely keeping it under control.  If I miss a dose of his creams, the blotchy redness reappears in places and he also gets real dry again.  Small under-the-skin blistery bumps have popped up on the bottoms and sides of his feet as well, even though he's still on his creams.  I've been off of dairy for about a week now, and last Sunday morning I drank a small glass to see if it affected Wesley.  By nightfall, I noticed the redness on his chest and face and that was also when the bumps on his feet appeared.  The dermatologist told me to start weaning him off of the creams a little at a time and replacing them as needed with plain Vaseline for the dryness.  She said he may just have super dry skin and always need moisturizers.  While sitting at the doctor I noticed that Wesley's lips had cracked and begun bleeding.  That don't normally happen on a three month old baby.  But as for the rash and red bumps, I still plan on taking him to see an allergist.  I want to know for sure whether or not he has an allergy that is contributing to all this, not just the dry skin problem. 

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