Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Andy's Sunday School Class

   Andy combined the teen and children's Sunday School classes and is teaching them together.  They are all on the same level Bible knowledge wise so they can learn as one group instead of two separate units.  Andy is making the teens his "assistants", letting them help with the decorating of the classroom, any props we make for lessons, and also giving them jobs in class as the needs arise.  Hopefully, by keeping them busy, they will become more involved and more excited about their class.  Andy plans to build the Sunday School and make it as bombastic and exciting as possible, so that the kids can't WAIT for the next weeks class!  Hopefully they will begin to bring their little friends as well and add to the class that way.  Its been several years since Andy taught children, other than VBS and occasional children's events.  He is thoroughly enjoying himself and is throwing himself into the class more than he ever did as a teacher!  I will be joining him in the class soon, and am looking forward to working together!  We LOVE working with children, but now that we have three little ones, I'm a little tied up with them.  For now, my job is props and art work, which I thoroughly enjoy!  Last week, we built a "cabin" for story time in class.  Andy went to several carpet stores and collected about 45 empty cardboard rolls and screwed them together to build the wall.  I sewed curtains for the window and doorway, and built a chimney out of a refrigerator box.  (If you ever need giant boxes, hhgregg usually has a good supply readily available, whereas Lowes and other appliance stores crush them as soon as they get off the truck, unless you call several days early and ask them to reserve them.)  Andy put his homemade electric campfire in the fireplace for a finished affect.  Atmosphere makes SUCH a difference!  :)  I still need to add some wall decor on the inside of the classroom, but here's a picture of what we have now.  The kids LOVE it!! 

Story Time Cabin
   We're also working on getting the main classroom set up and decorated.  Andy's got a lot of ideas for the class, including a snowflake competition that he hopes to let the adults vote on to see who's snowflake is the best!  It would be good for kids and adults.  Also, we're thinking of writing a class newsletter so that the adults and parents can stay in touch with what we're doing in class, and what the kids are learning.
Some of the teens came over and helped us with the decorating. 

I still need to add some more Be's...

I know, the clock is off center.  I didn't have a ruler with me!  :)  I straightened it out later.  :)

Christian's Sunday School teacher told me last week that during their class, they couldn't help but hear the goings-on in Andy's class.  At one point, Andy had all the kids cheering and working off some energy.  :)  Christian told his teacher, "My Daddy is something else..."


  1. LOVE the cabin and fireplace! Wowsers!!!

  2. Hey! I loved this post. You should do more posts about your church there sometimes. It was great getting to see a bit of your ministry. Praying for Wesley. I especially liked the picture of Christian and Wesley on the floor!