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  This is the day you've dreamed of as a little girl.  Now its a reality that's right around the corner.  You've got the ring to prove it.  Plans are being made, catalogs browsed through, dresses ordered, flowers and colors chosen.   But then there's the cake...  Its going to be the centerpiece of the reception.   You want it perfect, you want it beautiful, you want it unique.  

Sweet Memories can help!  

About Sweet Memories...
   I have been decorating cakes for about 13 years, starting out with simple sheet cakes with very little decorating on them.  My first attempt at a tiered cake was my own wedding cake.   If I ever flopped a wedding cake, I wanted it to be my own, not someone else's.  It turned out beautiful though, and I was hooked!  I began getting orders for other wedding cakes, and each one was unique and each one was a challenge. I loved it! 
   My biggest one was made up of 9 cakes, all double layers, and tiered with beautiful Grecian pillars, and bouquets of flowers.  It was huge!  
   The thing that makes Sweet Memories so unique from other decorators is that we're not satisfied until the cakes are perfect.  We don't just slap on the icing in order to get it done and delivered so that we can move on to something else.  No, we make it personal, as if it were our own cake, our own wedding, our own special day.  If there is a flaw in the cake or icing, we redo it.  We don't do a hurried job.  Many, many hours are put into our wedding cakes.  We know you want the best, so that is our goal.  We do it right! 

   I have copied several cakes from pictures people have showed me, or even sketched for me.  Perhaps there are more than one cake that has caught your eye, and you simply can't make up your mind which one to pick.  How about taking a little from each one???  Yes, I have mixed and matched many cakes!  You may like the flowers on one, but a garland on another.  Or perhaps the tiered design of one, but would like to add the stairs from another.  Some brides like the huge, elegant look, but are only planning for 100 guests at the wedding.  I can give you that look using smaller cakes to fit your guest list. 
   Whether its decorated with real flowers or icing flowers, strings of pearls or a monogram, elegant or simple, each cake has a personality that contributes greatly to the wedding.  A little bit of the bride is revealed in the cake.  That's what makes each one so different from another!  That's what makes them special!!
All Occasion Cakes
   Though Sweet Memories specializes in wedding cakes, I also do other occasions as well.  I've done many birthdays, baby showers, graduations, going-away parities, simple get-togethers and holidays.  Make an event memorable with a custom made cake!  

All Occasion


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