Monday, March 3, 2014

Its Been Awhile!

   We've had a pretty busy week, and I've not had time to blog lately.  Last Tuesday was our Ladies Meeting at church so I spent two days getting ready for that.  One of our ladies gave her testimony.  Her sweet spirit in the midst of trial has been a blessing!
   This weekend is our Revival.  Bro. Buster Kinsey will be our main speaker, and Bro. Steve Schleckty will also be here presenting his scripture sign ministry.  Both of these men are a real blessing and we are looking forward to having them here!  I will be feeding everyone on Saturday and Sunday and am looking forward to a house full of activity.  (I think :).  Bro. Buster will be bringing his family so Christian and Audra will have three little playmates to keep them entertained.
   We made an offer on a house in the country last week.  The lady countered, and we placed another...and our final offer.  We haven't heard yet if the owner will take it.  It seems as if she's trying to get way more out of the house than its worth and she's not moving on the price much.  We are beginning to doubt that we'll get the place, but we'll see.  It needs quite a bit of work, and she doesn't seem to realize that.  But its her place and she's got the right to ask however much she wants.  We just won't be her buyers if that's the case.  Hopefully we'll hear something today or tomorrow.
   A couple days last week got into the upper 40's.  Oh it was so nice!!!  You could almost smell spring in the air!  I took the kids on a ride in their little red wagon.  We walked down to CVS and I let them pick out a toy, then we stopped at the local grocery store for a couple small things, and then we played in the gazebo in the town square next to the courthouse for a while.  Christian wanted to climb on the giant cannon out front, but I wondered if some folks would frown on that, so we moved on.  :)  It was a good day, and we all enjoyed getting out into some "warm" sunshine.  I hear that this winter has been the hardest around here in almost 25 years.  Supposedly we are within an inch or so of passing the record snowfall in one winter!  And we'll be getting that inch and more before this winter is over, if we haven't already!  A couple more inches of snow fell during church yesterday morning and then again in the evening.  They are saying we're going to get hit with a few more storms this month as well.  I hope this weekend during the revival isn't' too bad. 

The Ladies Meeting

Wesley chews on EVERYTHING these days.  He recently discovered chewable socks!

Christian begged to help me do laundry.  So I taught him how to fold towels. 

Not a bad job for a three yr old's first try!

Playing Church

Christian Preaching:)

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