Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bologna Men

   I've been trying to come up with new ideas to make Christian's schooling exciting.  He's so eager to learn and loves school immensely.  Still, it takes a lot to keep even him occupied for longer than 10 minutes at a time.  I ran across a link today that is a huge help!  Its got everything on there from crafts and games for learning the alphabet and number, to chore charts you can custom make and print off.  I spent a good part of this morning browsing the site and getting great ideas, some I was able to print off, and some I will draw and design myself.  Here's the link for those home schooling moms who run out of ideas like me.  :)

 My kids have hit the picky stage when it comes to food.  Oh I dreaded it, but I knew we'd get to this point someday.  I got so tired of fighting them every meal and telling them to sit there and eat their food!  I got tired of unfinished plates sitting on the counter waiting to be reheated later when they came in wanting a snack.  I mean, granted.  Everyone gets sick of PB&J or grilled cheese eventually.  So I decided to try something new.  I went to the store and bought some bologna (BIG TIME YUCK!), but, spurred on by a childhood memory of Andy's, I actually gave good money for the stuff, along with some different kinds of fruits, and healthy snacks that I never yet tried on the kids.  Today, for lunch, I became Master Kid Food Chef!  (Add that one to my list of Mom Titles from my last post. :)  We had Bologna Men for lunch!  The kids stood on a chair and watched while I put the little fellows together.  And what do you know!!!  They actually ate them!  And the fruit and healthy food that made up their little bologna faces.  Christian insisted that they needed cheeks, so he proceeded to smear squirt cheese at the edges of his little man's mouth.  :)  A little time, effort, and excitement put into their lunches made all the difference. By request of Christian, we're doing bologna tractors tomorrow.  Yikes!  :)  Does he think mom is a bologna art expert already???  I've only had one try at the stuff so far.  I tasted everything today on their plates EXCEPT the bologna.  Just couldn't bring myself to do it.  :)

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