Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another Wesley Update...

   I took Wesley to an allergist/natural herbal doctor yesterday.  He found that Wesley has a protein deficiency.  He said he see this a lot in big, stock baby and toddler boys especially.  Their big, growing bodies need more protein than they get from milk, baby food, or toddler foods, but they can't get larger helpings of it because their bodies aren't equipped to handle it yet.  In other words, Wesley needs a T-bone steak,  :)  , but his body isn't developed enough to chew it or digest it.  So the doc told me to make some chicken broth, strain it real thoroughly, and feed it to him in a bottle.  He also put Wesley on Phosphorus to help break down the protein in the broth and make it easier to digest.  A protein deficiency can cause skin rashes that look and act like eczema.  So the doc is treating this deficiency first to see if the rash clears up.  Wesley also has a few other allergies, especially to things like dust, mold, grasses, and a few different kinds fruits and foods, but the doc things its the protein deficiency that's the main problem.  I'm taking Wesley back in a month and if he still has the rash, the doc will try something else.  At least we have some more direction.  I can't wait to get this thing licked! 

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