Monday, May 19, 2014

VBS Is Right Around The Corner

   Vacation Bible School is the next big thing on our calendar!  I love VBS!  There's a mountain of work to do in order to be ready for it in three weeks, but we have a lot of volunteers at church this year and everyone is excited and full of ideas. We'll be getting flyers printed up this year and passing them out at the Fourth of July parade. Our small local grocery store also bags flyer with peoples groceries. Also, one of our ladies at church says she knows the lady who works at the desk at the library. She says she can get the lady to stick our VBS flyers in every book she checks out!  Don't you just love small towns??  :)  With all these ideas along with the children who are friends and family of folks at church, we may have a huge VBS this year!  A little scary, but exciting as well. I believe our theme will be The Grand Scheme...It's Out Of This World!  We'll have outer space decor and the lessons will be about creation, Jesus coming to die, and the second coming.  We have three days to work with and Andy wants to get across the big picture of God creating the world, man sinning, and Christ coming to redeem them back.  I think it'll be good. I'm doing props and crafts. The church basement wall and ceiling will be encased in black trash bags!!!!  Rocket ships, astronauts, and of course dozens of planets and stars will have to be made and drawn. And WHEN do I have time to do all that???  Oh well, it'll happen somehow. :). I'm excited!