Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Audra's Room

   I finished Audra's room today!  That means the upstairs is complete.  I also went through her clothes, and Christian's clothes, and dug out all the size newborn to 3 months boy clothes.  A big job for one day, but we got it done.  So scratch that off my Before-The-Baby-Comes-To-Do-List.  :)  I also did a load of sheets, changed and packed away the comforter on our bed and put on a homemade quilt instead.  I like the country look better, I think.  Next on The List is changing our room around, and going through our closet.  Can't do much with my clothes because of the near transition from maternity back to regular clothes, but Andy's got some old things that need gotten rid of.  You know, I'm to the point where I can't stand hanging onto things if I don't use them.  If I haven't used something in 6 months, other than seasonal clothing and decor, I SIMPLY DON'T NEED IT!   I got rid of a lot when we moved to Indiana, but its amazing how much you still think you can't live without.  I can't stand JUNK!  Now, I'm not a neat freak by any stretch...I mean, one of those women who, (bless their hearts), clean their bathroom with a toothbrush every other day, or keep every thread off the floor.  I couldn't live like that...feeling like I couldn't sit down and kick up feet, or touch anything for fear of contaminating something.  No, our house is "lived in".  Oh, its clean, believe me, but not to the point of where my company feels awkward coming into my home.  I want them to feel comfortable and at home here.  I want that old fashioned, kick your shoes off, stay for awhile feel in my home so that people want to come back.  There is a happy medium between super, super clean, and absolute pig pen!  :)  I'm somewhere in the middle.  So, if I don't use it but twice a year, or forget I even have it, and I keep it buried in some dark corner of an unused closet.....Its going bye bye on the next trip to the dump or thrift store!  The more children I have, I'm realizing that I simply don't have room anymore for "junk".  I'd rather make room for more important newborn clothing, or a rocking chair in the nursery, or an empty shelf for small sized shoes to be lined up on.  :)
   As I type, I'm watching Christian and Audra play on my king size bed.  I hear their squeals of delight as they tumble off the side into a pile of pillows on the floor.  I see toys scattered here and there, and half full sippy cups on the table waiting for a small passer by to grab them up for a quick drink before hurrying off on some playful mission.  I feel the unborn baby in my womb kicking as he stretches to make more room for himself.  I am happy.  So very happy.  And so very blessed! 
Audra's room.  Oh you should have seen me trying to get that canopy attached to the ceiling!!!  At 7+ months pregnant and precariously standing on the sides of that crib.....OH I HATE HEIGHTS!  Ok, its not REALLY that high, but it is for me!  I freeze on the third rung of a ladder!  BUT, where there's a will...and no husband readily available....there's always a way.  :)  I like the simple country touches, like the quilt and the little wooden rocker, but also the slightly elegant, girly feel to the room, as well.  Can you really mix the two???  :)

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  1. Love the room and the way you describe your home. I'm the same way