Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This and That...

   Well, things have finally slowed down a little, and I'm finally getting my blog caught up.  I spent the first part of this week putting up the leftover peaches from last week's farmers market that had bruises, or bug marks on them.  The ones we couldn't sell.  I put up another 10 quarts in the freezer and 3 gallons of juice for drinking.  I mixed my juice with fruit concentrates to sweeten the peach juice and dilute the syrupy texture a little, and it really turned out great!  I mixed apple juice with one batch, and cherry pomegranate with another.  I think I like the cherry concoction a little better than the apple.  The kids go through so much juice these days, so I'm going to start putting up lots of it instead of more jelly.  I've got enough jellies to last til the millennium! 
   Last night, Andy began cleaning out his garage.  I took a chair out and watched while the kids played and got terribly dirty.  Audra's clothes were so dirty, in fact, that even after a thorough washing, I still had to throw some of them in the trash!  Just couldn't get them clean!  But that's okay.  They were old play clothes and the kids had a great time.  A little dirt never hurt anyone.  They both got a good soak in the bathtub afterwards though!  :)
   Last week, I rearranged Christian's room.  Andy set up one of the twin beds from our bunk set for Christian, and I moved the crib to a new corner of the room to await Wesley's arrival.  I also went through all the children's books and toys and got rid of a bunch of them.  I've started working on Audra's room as well, but haven't gotten it completed yet.  I need to go through the kid's closets and dig out the next size clothes for each of them and also the baby boy clothes.  Then I'll start working on the downstairs.  I need to rearrange and clean the living room and our bedroom and go through closets there as well.  (Can you tell I've started nesting  :)  Its real bad this pregnancy.  I see dirt and junk where there IS none.  :) 
   We finally found a van!  We drove to KY to get it, but Andy got a great deal on it.  He researched hundreds of van makes and models, and finally found this one.  Its a 2009, black Dodge Grand Caravan.  Its got so many buttons and gadgets on the inside!  I love how you can open and close the side and back doors with a button, especially when you have your arms full.  :)  Its also got three DVD players, stow-n-go, and so many other neat little facts about it that I love but couldn't possibly name.  :)  The best part is that I don't bump my head anymore trying to get the kids in and out of a little car!  This van has already been a huge blessing and answer to prayer for our family.  Another step in getting ready for the new baby!  PTL!
   Sorry the pictures below are a little grainy.  I took them on my phone and the lighting was bad in most. 

Christian's new bed is a huge hit!  He only takes up about a third of it though.  All I see when I peek in on him at night is a little pile of blankets at one end of the bed.  :)

Wesley's corner.

Books and toys (inside the cabinet, OUT OF SIGHT!  yippee!)

I've been trying my hand at making balloon animals.  Andy knows a little, so I've been trying to learn some balloon art as well.  We were going to do balloons at VBS so I ordered some online, but we never used them.  So I've been practicing on my own children.  They love it!  That's a dog by the way, NOT a rabbit.  His ears wouldn't cooperate.  :)

She looks like Little Orphan Annie!

But a very happy one!

Christian playing with Andy's jack

Anything with wheels HAS to be ridden, right?

Andy demonstrating the REAL purpose of a jack, which REALLY fascinated Christian! 

So for the next several minutes, he tried every which way to get that frame jacked up so much as an inch!

He hung, he swung, he heaved, he pulled, he tugged, he jumped, he wiggled......but when you only weigh 27 and a half pounds, there's not much hope in success. 

I couldn't help giggle at his attempts though.  He worked so hard!

My "new" van!  Isn't it beautiful??

We stowed the back seat until we need it.  I love having all that space in the back for groceries, diaper changes, and even a "play area" when Andy's stuck in the store and I'm trying to entertain the kids in the parking lot. 

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  1. I remember when we got our first van...
    You have a beautiful little family!