Monday, August 5, 2013

Random Pictures for Family

   I took some pictures of the kids over the past weekend.  Audra is finally walking!  So this morning I went to the store and got her two pair of shoes, one for church and the other for play.  She was so fascinated by them!  It took her a few minutes to get used to walking in them, but I think she'll manage.  I think in the long run, they will help her balance better.  She's constantly on the go now that she's off the floor and on her feet.  Its so nice not having carry her all the time.  Especially as I get closer to my due date.
   Audra's also going through a growing spurt.  I dug out her next size up clothing last weekend, and am amazed at how much she's grown since the last time I had that box out!
   Christian too is finally getting taller.  Its about time!!  They are both changing so much right now!  Christian will be celebrating his third birthday on the 25th of this month.  Its hard to believe!  I keep thinking that Rebekah would have been four by now!  Has it really been that long ago?  Still seems like yesterday in many ways...
   We're going to make a trip to Indianapolis on Thursday.  We're going to the Children's Museum as a reward for Christian's success at potty training.  He's been looking forward to it for a long time.
   I'm getting bigger, and more awkward with each passing day it seems.  This pregnancy has flown by, but as the end gets close, I'm more than ready for it!!!  I crash into bed at night with the usual aches an pains that make you wonder if you'll be able to survive til the end.  :)  Its actually been an easy pregnancy, though.  The ever present, most annoying tail bone pain is my biggest problem these days.  Any one else ever experience that?  I've had it with every one, but its seems to have gotten a little worst with each one.  Also, my legs are swelling quite a bit by the end of the day.  I've never had any swelling at all with the other three babies, not even after delivery, so this is all very new.  I times I lay in bed at night wondering why we women keep doing this to ourselves time and time again!  But then the baby kicks, and you realize that every ache and pain is so worth it when you hold him in your arms.  I always think of that verse in the Bible that talks about a mother forgetting her pain when her child is born.  Its SO true.  I've told Andy during each pregnancy, "I don't remember it being this uncomfortable..."  He just gives me a look and assures me that I was just as uncomfortable then as I am now.  :)   The Bible doesn't say anything about THEM forgetting.  :)  I guess if we women remembered, there wouldn't be that many people on earth right now.  :)  No one in their right mind would put themselves through a childbirth unless the reward were so great!  And it is!  I can hardly WAIT to hold my new son in my arms!  And....I'll forget all about my tailbone and pray for more children, I'm sure.  And Andy will roll his eyes again at my forgetfulness, and here we go again!  Seriously, I'd go through all this and more to have the joy my children have brought me over the past four years.  I hope God will allow me to have more after this baby as well!   I pray that He will continue to fill our home with such precious treasures!
   We had great services on Sunday!  A man in his 30's got saved after the morning service!  His parents, who are faithful members here, have been praying for him for a long time.  Their daughter just recovered from cancer as well, so they have a whole lot to be thankful for.  God is really doing things in that family!  Its a blessing to see their excitement.
   On to the peaches!!!  Andy and I spent Saturday working together in the kitchen....a real sacrifice for Andy, who is NOT a fan of cooking.  I tell him that he'd starve if he lived by himself.  :)  I don't know how he made it as a bachelor living on his own!  Anyway, we spent the entire day putting up leftover peaches from the farmers market.  By nightfall, we'd put up 6 quarts of juice concentrate and 49 pints of peach butter.  We'll be selling the butter at the market next week.  Its a big hit and sells good.

Andy bought me a set of artist quality colored pencils a couple years ago, and I've really enjoyed playing around with them.  I love how you can blend different colors almost as if they were paint and not just simple colored pencils.  Andy needed a sign for our booth at the farmers market so I dug out my pencils and had fun drawing this peach, (left) on the sign.  The one on the right is the computer print out I copied from.  Its been awhile since I played around with my pencils, so I really had a great time making this sign.  Kind of got me back in the mood to draw again.  I love just seems I don't have the time for it anymore. 

Audra LOVED walking on this giant piece of paper!  She loved how it crunched and crackled under her feet.  :)  It doesn't take much to entertain my kids!

"Like my new shoes?"

She couldn't get enough of them.

The ever present peach juice!  It really is very good!

Its almost impossible getting Christian to slow down long enough to take a decent picture.  Notice how its a little blurry.  Can't help it!  :)

I love this one!

"Don't even THINK about taking my sucker...."    I went to the store today by myself and as I was walking out the door, Christian asked me if I would bring him a "prize".  When I asked him what he wanted, he said, "An orange sucker!"  Later I asked him what he wanted for his birthday.  After a second, he said, "A GREEN sucker!"  Ok, he's stuck on suckers these days.  Hey, makes a cheap "prize".  :) 

She JUST discovered the sucker....

After a taste from a very generous big brother......

SHE WAS HOOKED!   My life was miserable for the next half hour until the sucker was gone....  :)  I was kicking myself for not grabbing two orange suckers that morning instead of just one!


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