Sunday, July 28, 2013

Up to my elbows in peaches!

   I'm trying to catch up on my blogging.  Its been a very long and very busy three weeks!  Andy and I picked peaches the first of those three weeks.  I spent all week peeling, chopping, boiling, freezing, and canning peaches.  I love putting up produce and have really really missed having my own garden!  I miss my grape vines, and my huge black berry patch!  Maybe someday I'll plant again. 
   I put up pints of jelly, peach butter, canned peaches, and frozen peaches.  Now that the kids are getting bigger, we're going through jelly, etc. like you wouldn't believe!  The peach butter turned out amazing, so we're going through a lot of that as well.  I get one pan full of pulp for butter to three pans of juice for jelly so obviously, the jelly WAY outnumbers my pints of butter.  We took some peaches to the farmers market last Friday and sold most of our boxes we'd picked.  I also sold some cans of peach butter as well.  I set out samples of the peaches and the butter, and they were selling like hotcakes!  Mawma's peaches are literally the best in the world.  They are sweet as candy and so soft you can pop the seed out with your thumb!  They melt in your mouth.  I loved watching the looks of delighted surprise on the faces of everyone who tasted them at the farmers market.  Georgia got outvoted where peaches are concerned.  :)  Never ever tasted a peach as good as Mamaw's! 

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  1. All those fresh peaches look so juicy and delicious I want some!!! and your jars of preserves like works of art!