Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our First VBS at Bible Believer's Baptist Church

   Our first Vacation Bible School went very well.  We had lots of volunteers to help out and had a small crowd of about 15 kids ranging from two year olds to teens.  Our theme was about Earthly Treasure verses Heavenly Treasure.  Andy told the kids how earthly treasure won't last, and that you can't take it with you when you die.  We did an underwater theme, and Andy told stories during the opening lesson about ships carrying treasure that wrecked and how people would go to great lengths to find that treasure.  The adults had never seen the "kid" side of Andy yet, only the Sunday morning pastor side.  So when he dressed up like a pirate, and sang "The Littlest Worm" or "The Klina Klina Feegal Fugal Bird" song (Ok you Cornerstone folks who might read this, YOU try to spell it!  :)))), well, it really threw them for a loop.  They saw a side of Andy that was perfectly cut out for working with children.  I think it really helped them.  Most are the type to sit in a chair and read a Bible story to the children.  That's fine, but lets just be honest.  You can get much more accomplished if you add a little more to it.  If you learn HOW to tell a story, if you move around and get into it, if you dress up like your character, add some props, etc.  Andy's a pro at all that, and the children adore him!  He's a different person with the children than he is with the adults.  You have to be.  :) I think it helped our regular teachers to see it, to learn how to better work with the children. 
   We had teachers for four different age groups, Andy was in charge of activities, and I did crafts, and made all the props and decor.   It was a VERY long week, but well worth it.  The kids had a blast, and hopefully they learned some things that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.  The volunteers were excited as well, and some were even wanting to start making plans for next year's VBS!  What a blessing!  I collected pictures from everyone involved and made a bulletin board to set up at church.  It made everyone feel involved a little bit.  Next on the calender is our Missions Conference the middle of September!  We're looking forward to it.  Andy is already beginning to prepare the people for it with his preaching.  I pray it too will be a success, most importantly in the hearts of our people.
Opening class

Two-four year old's activities

More two-four yr old activities

5-12 year old activities

Craft time.  The two girls in orange shirts and the one in black are sisters.  They and their three other siblings have really taken to Andy and I.  They've been to our house many time, even spent the night with us once, and absolutely love playing games.  :)  We love them to death!  They are really sweet children!

Relay time.

Christian riding the raft. :)

Guess how many pieces of candy are in the jars??? 

Andy "snorkeling"

Craft time.  Andy got involved too.  :)

My sunken ship

The jellyfish.  :)

More crafts.  Making personalized mugs.

Relays.  Go, Go, Go!!!

Audra being entertained

Hunting for pennies in a bucket full of ice.  See how many you can find in 30 sec!

OH THAT'S COLD!  Her face says it all!  The boys gave up.  :)

Our little crabs.

Having a great time

Andy's object lesson.  The sword was a huge hit.

You may look good on the outside, but God sees the heart.  Andy had cut a small opening in the bottom of the watermelon he's about to slice, and stuffed it full of potting soil.  You couldn't tell from the outside that it was any different from the other good watermelon.  It got the point across.

Talking about treasure.

He's a pirate today!  See all the pennies on the floor?


  1. I don't know if the watermelon lesson was the same one Bro. Andy did for us when I was in Master Clubs, but if it is then I remember it well! I still say he's the best story teller ever, and it looks like your VBS was a lot of fun. We miss all of you!

    1. Thanks, Kelley. Yes the object lesson was the same one he did there years. It's real affective. I agree. Andy attracts children like moths to light. :). We miss you guys too. We're hoping to come visit in Dec. for the missions conference/early Christmas. Can't wait to see everyone again!!!!