Thursday, July 4, 2013

My "display board".

   Andy made it home safely this morning at around 9:00.  It sure is good to have him home!  The kids wouldn't give him a moments rest until their nap time.  I don't think Andy minded too much.  :)  From the look on his face, he's having as much fun "catching up" as they are. 

Making "Welcome Home" posters for Daddy

We wrote notes on the balloons for Daddy to read

   Andy showed us video footage of his trip.  It was fun seeing where he was at, what he did, and what he ate....yes, dog meat.  :)  It actually looks quite good roasting over an open fire.  :)  Sort of like what we call "rat on a stick" at Chinese restaurants, (I THINK its chicken :). 
   Below are a few pictures of the gifts Andy brought back to us.  The craftsmanship is amazing! 
Christian with his horn, made from a water buffalo horn.  He loves blowing that thing!

Miniature dolls for Audra also made from buffalo horn.

Beaded Bracelets made by "Indians" from a mountain tribe.

Christian's horn, and a set of combs made from buffalo horn

Set of mother of pearl chop sticks (there's a set of 10 in the long box.  Each set has sea shell "holders" as demonstrated), a coaster set, and another set of chopsticks given to Andy from a lady who's an important official in the Communist government.  

Vietnamese fabric, (beautiful isn't it!?).  The small box is hand painted, and the other is inlaid with mother of pearl. And of course some Vietnamese money.  I've got currency from several countries so Andy brought me what he had left. 

This totals about 35 cents!!!   Things are so cheap in Vietnam!  Andy got fitted for 3 suits on his second day in the country.  They are made to fit from scratch, from fabric on a bolt to finished product.  You go in and pick out the fabric, get measured, and a week later you have a suit.  The fabric is imported English Cashmere, beautiful and so soft!  Guess how much he paid for them???   What would have cost close to $1000 a suit in the States, cost a little over $100 per suit.  Andy was able to get a black, a dark grey, and a tan.  I've not seen many suits that are nicer!  What a deal!!!

A tea cup set.  Beautiful!

A 3D turtle puzzle for Christian.  The eye is a peg that, if you pull out, the puzzle will come apart.

I've heard of a "ship in a bottle", but this is really something!  Andy paid only about $10 American for this!!!  What do you think it would cost here???  I can't get over the prices!

Buffalo horn ship

Christian got the ebony rhino from cousin Seth in Africa last year.  Now the rhino has a friend!  An elephant made from, guess what...HORN!  Never though horn had so much potential.  :)

You can't tell it in the photo, but this picture of the deer is actually 3D.  The deer look like they are standing so far off the picture that you feel like you could reach out and grab one! 

This is the same picture....   If you turn the deer picture just right, this picture appears instead, also in 3D.

Here they are "caught in the middle".  Fascinating!  Andy brought home several of these in different pictures.

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