Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Update

   I went in for my second ultrasound yesterday.  I wasn't supposed to get it for another week, but I've really been having fits with my sugar, so I went ahead and bumped up my appointment...if nothing else for MY peace of mind.  Wesley is measuring a few days early, which is fine and normal, but my tummy is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule.  Doc says I've got excess amniotic fluid, but that it shouldn't cause any problems to baby at this point.  Baby's tummy is also measuring a little bigger than normal...why?  He's getting fat!  :)  They took a few 3D pictures of him and you can see little fat rolls on his tummy.  Still not a real cause for worry at this point, but it and the fact that my fluid is a little high are signs of my diabetes and cause for them to keep a real close on eye on me for the duration of the pregnancy.  The doctor put me on a strict diet consisting of 6 small meals a day, no sugar, and exercise to help get my sugar under control.  Its been acting quite a bit different than the last time I struggled with it a few years ago.  There's really no set pattern to my sugar highs and lows right now, and I haven't figured out yet what makes it go up.  Its going to be a long process, not just a quick fix.  The doctor didn't put me on meds yet, which is a huge blessing, and told me that if I can get it somewhat under control before the baby is born, there's a better chance of the diabetes going away after he's born.  SO, I've been eating oatmeal for breakfast...AND THAT'S SAYING A LOT, because I DESPISE oatmeal!  Never have liked it, no matter how you fix it.  :)  But you do what you have to do, and over the years I've learned that you should eat to live, not live to eat.  Its really not that bad.  The discipline is very good for me, and actually, I was planning on doing this diet after the baby was born anyway to get my extra baby weight off.  I'm just getting an earlier start.  I only gained two pounds since my last appointment, and the doctor says that if I can keep the slow weight gain up, it'll help in keeping the baby's weight at a low normal.  I've also learned over the past few years that its amazing what a mother will do for her children!  I DO NOT want my new baby developing diabetes because of something is did or did not do!!!  If it happens, it won't be my fault!  I pray that God will keep Wesley safe from it. 
    I spent today making Christian's birthday cake.  We'll be celebrating his third birthday tomorrow.  Andy took Christian with him to pick peaches today, so I was able to get the cake made without him see it.  I'd forgotten how easy it is to only have one baby in the house!!!  Two does make a difference, and I'm sure adding another one to the bunch is going to be even more exciting.  :) 
   I've been trying to take it easy this week.  I still see things that need special cleaning or organizing, but Andy says I need to slow down and try to relax a little before the baby gets here.  I appreciate him caring!  Oh, it is hard to just do what NEEDS to be done and leave all the unnecessary things til a later date, but I am very thankful for a husband who cares about me and will make me take a break when I need one.  I'm the type to push myself til I crash.  I guess that's not a real great plan when you have a baby on board though.  :) 
    Only about 8 more weeks to go! 

Christian helping me wash dishes.  He actually did a pretty good job!

...Of course he enjoyed playing in the soap as well.  :)

Andy bought this contraption at a yard sale this past week.  The kids LOOOOOOOVE going on rides in it!

Andy calls  it "the Chariot".  :)  He puts his laptop, Bible, etc in the Chariot and rides the two miles to work at the church every day.  He's loving the exercise!  Andy's always loved bike riding.  He's hunting for a "boys" bike for himself, so I'll get this one when he finds one.  You should see me, at almost 8 months pregnant, riding down the road on a bike!  :)  I've done it!  :) 

Andy took the kids around the block yesterday, and I could hear Audra giggling til they were out of sight!  Andy said she didn't stop til they got back home.  :) 

I found Audra this winter hat at a yard sale recently.  (Aren't yard sales great???) 

She LOVES hats!

...well, MOST hats...  This is actually her little pair of matching underwear.  She seems to know the difference.  :)

She looks like a little chef  :)
The 3D image of Baby Wesley.  (What a nose!!!  Where does he get that?  ...uh, we won't go there.... :)  Its amazing what they can do with modern technology!  That lumpy stuff on his head is hair!  YIPPPPEEE!  See his fat rolls on his tummy??  :)  Aren't babies amazing?  The whole process of a baby growing in the womb is such a miracle! 

Spending time with Daddy

Daddy Daughter moments.  She is quickly becoming a daddy's girl. 

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