Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Trip to the Children's Museum

   We took a family "vacation" to Indianapolis last week and went to the Children's Museum there.  Andy and I went shortly after we were married, but I'd forgotten how big the place was.  They'd built onto it, too, and added a bunch of stuff.  Its about 5 stories, plus a few "wing"s off of that to explore.  A whole lot for kids, and kids at heart to see and do.  :)  They have everything there from exhibits from different countries, giant doll house collections from "way back when", real live steam engines that used to work the coal mines, hands on science activities for kids of all ages, a huge carousel (which was Christian's favorite...well, it was a toss up between that and the steam engine you could climb on.), a race car from the Indy 500, a huge room with nothing but "baby" size toys and activities for the real little ones, and much much more.  I mean, imagine what all you can cram into 5 stories of building?!?  We all had a great time.  Right before we left, we bought a bag of cotton candy.  Christian' thought he'd died and went to Heaven!!!  :)  I did too, actually.  I like cotton candy, but can't remember the last time I bought some.  Can't really justify that much sugar.  :) 
   After we left the museum, we went to the college where Amie Ralph is studying music.  It was only about 15 min from the museum, so we decided to drop in and try to see her.  Its been a year almost since we have seen anyone from Cornerstone, so it was a blessing to us to get to chat with her for a few minutes.  She seems to be enjoying herself there.  It was good to see you again, Amie!!!  :)
   I've been going through my baby boy clothes this past week, throwing out some things, and washing the rest, getting everything ready to go into a dresser for Wesley.  I found a little red hat that used to belong to Andy when he was a baby.  I'd taken a picture of Christian wearing it when he was about a year old.  Christian found it and was really fascinated by it, even though it hardly fit his head now.  The little hat looks real good for being almost 35 years old.  :)
   Mom, at this moment, is somewhere over the Pacific ocean, probably gripping the arm rests of her seat til her knuckles are white.  :)  She HATES flying, especially over oceans, where she knows there are hundreds of hungry sharks waiting below for her plane to crash so they can gobble her up.  :) This is no joke!  She turns this funny shade of greenish white the moment she feels the engines starting up, and it doesn't go away until she steps off the last plane at home.  I can't wait til she gets here!  She has only seen Christian twice, and has never seen Audra at all.  I know being away from grand kids has been hard on her, but she never complains about it.  Mom will stay with us for about three months.  By then she'll probably be ready for some peace and quiet at her own home again.  :) 
   Christian will be three in two weeks!  Its hard to believe!  Time goes by so quickly.  As my own September birthday approaches, I can't help but think about everything that has happened since Rebekah's birth and death.  Since then, we've had (almost) three more children, and have moved two states away!  It seems like just yesterday I was holding Rebekah, and now I'm about to hold my fourth child in my arms!!!   Little Wesley will be here in about a month and a half!  I'm so looking forward to it!  I went to the doctor last week and found out I've got gestational diabetes with this baby.  I really fought my sugar at the beginning of this pregnancy, so maybe that's what started it.  I still have to watch it, but actually, I've been feeling pretty good.  The doc says its a little higher than what they like.  Thankfully, though, he didn't put me on medication just yet.  Instead he warned me to be careful of my sugar and starch intake for the rest of the pregnancy and see if we can't get it under control again that way first.  I've been having some strange symptoms that had begun to concern me, such as sudden nausea and throwing up spells, blurred vision, dizziness, etc.  Things that normally weren't related to the sugar problems I'd had before, so I didn't think they were connected.  But after reading up on gestational diabetes, I'm beginning to wonder if it IS connected.  Those and several others are symptoms of it, though many women never have any outward signs and wouldn't know they had it unless tested by the doctor.  The baby is measuring a little big as well.  Though I put on weight faster at the beginning of the pregnancy due to having to nibble almost constantly to keep my sugar up, its slowed down to normal and I'm still not up to my "limit" yet, so that is good.  I feel fine most of the time, and have been VERY active, so that is also a plus.  I'm getting another ultrasound done on the 29th of this month to check the baby and see if everything is okay.  Please pray that it is.  I can't help but be a little concerned when there are "red flags".  Wesley is beginning to slow down now and sleep a lot.  Seems earlier than the others, which makes me wonder if this one won't come a little earlier than supposed to, but we'll see.  I normally go about a week or two early anyway.  Please pray that everything will go well and that the baby will be help with no complications. 
Andy's little red hat

At the children's museum

The archaeological dig

Audra watching the carousel

The mirror maze.  (I hate mirror mazes!  I panic in them :)

Christian loved this Indy 500 car!

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