Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Faith in a Glimpse

   This past Sunday I told my class the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 and went on with Peter walking on the water.  Jesus did so many miracle in that one day, that if you were there and had seen them all, how could you NOT believe on him?  The Bible says that He fed 5,000 men, besides women and children.  Say every man had a wife with him.  There's 10,000.  Then, what if every couple had a child with them?  That makes 15,000!  Now, some may or may not have had families with them, and some may have brought their wife and 6 kids!  None the less, there was QUITE A CROWD there that day that ate to their fill!  
   But another thing?  I wonder how big those "loaves of bread" were?  I wonder if they were loaves like we know today, or rather little round rolls, maybe like a bun or a roll.  I'm not trying to tear apart the scriptures, just thinking.  It would have been quite a large lunch for a little lad to haul around, much less to eat, if it was big loaves.  If it was smaller loaves, that would make the miracle even more amazing!  I'd brought three large croissant rolls to Sunday School with me and "acted out" the part where He broke the bread and began handing it out.  My three croissants would have barely fed the 7 children I had sitting there in front of me!  What about the two small fishes?  I wish I could have seen them increase in His hands as he kept tearing off pieces!  It boggles my mind how it all happened, but then, that's the miracle of it!  Not only was everyone filled, but there were 12 baskets of leftovers!  Imagine the tale that the little lad had for his mother that evening!!! 
   Jesus told his disciples to get in a boat and go to the "other side" of the sea.  The Bible says that Jesus saw them toiling in the midst of the storm.  Now, he could have been sitting on a cliff overlooking the sea and actually seen them way out there, but I wonder if He didn't see them through supernatural eyes.  He is God.  He was up on the mountain spending time alone and they were way down there somewhere in the dark in the midst of a storm struggling against the winds and the waves, and Jesus saw them in their struggle.  He knew exactly what was going on.  He came to them walking on the water.  The Bible says he would have passed by them and continued on.  I wonder if the storm would have ceased if the disciples had seen the Lord and believed what He had said about them "going to the other side".  Or if the Lord would have let them continue their struggle with the faith and peace in their hearts of knowing that Jesus was near, even though the storm raged on and He wasn't in the boat with them.  Sometimes, in the midst of our trials, God gives us just a glimpse of himself, just to let us know that He's still there, that He knows whats going on, even though our "storms" rage on.  He gives us peace on the inside when there is none on the outside.  Sometimes its not a big miraculous answer to prayer, but just something small.  Maybe a phone call from someone saying that you've been on their heart and that they were praying for you.  Or maybe some small blessing at a time when you feel like your world is coming a apart.  Just a glimpse of Lord, letting you know that He's close by.  

   I wonder what would have happened if the disciples would have seen the Lord and been encouraged, instead of being afraid of ghosts?   
   So Peter got out of the boat.  Can you imagine stepping out of a nice solid boat onto a wave?  What did it feel like?  Maybe like walking on a water bed?  Was the surface hard?  Did they have to walk around waves as if they were hills?  Or did they have to dodge them as the waves continued to roll and crash around them?  I supposed a storm on a sea can produce some good sized waves, don't you?  (I like to think about things like this :).   What did it feel like to slowly start sinking?  Then to be pulled back up to the "solid surface" again?  Another amazing miracle.  
    When Jesus and Peter got back to the boat, the Bible says the storm calmed down and they were immediately on the other side.  Now how did that happen?  :)  Wouldn't you have loved to be there???
                           What a story!!! 


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