Friday, February 1, 2013

Keeping Christian Occupied

   I've discovered that keeping a toddler happily occupied and out of trouble due to the shear boredom of these long winter days is quite a chore!  You can only play with the same old toys so long before running out imaginative steam!  I'm looking forward to the spring when I can let him run off some energy in the back yard.  But until then, my mind has been working overtime trying to come up with creative ideas to keep my son from becoming a one man demolition squad. 
   Tomorrow I'm going to Richmond to get some giant appliance boxes.  We're going to build a cardboard airplane.  His train that he got for Christmas was such a hit, so when I asked him what he thought about an airplane, his overly excited reply was, "I want to drive that big airplane! That be fun, Mama?"  So now, I'm committed to becoming an airline engineer!  Oh don't get me wrong, I'll have as much fun buidling the contraption as he will playing in it.  :)  So I'll be digging out some mental blueprints and some trusty ol' duct tape, and go to work! 
   We also had quite a time about a week ago sitting still in church.  So I came up with another idea to keep my busy little boy still, cutting out a few of the trips downstairs for our little chats.  Here they are:

Flannel Board in a Baby Wipe Box
The back of the box

Store all the pieces inside.

Drawing Wallet

Pad of paper, pencil, and crayons-a toddler's dream!
I'm going to turn this into something as well.  Christian's asking for a blanket out of it, so I'll probably do some kind of quiting and applique with it. 
(by the way, pardon the differences in the sizes of the pictures.  For some reason, I'm having trouble with them.)


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