Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Abstract Art???

   Did you ever take one of those accidental pictures of the inside of your purse, or perhaps an odd angle that captured part wall, part floor, part painted toe nail, and your cat's tail???  I did that the other day, and when I looked at my camera, I thought the result was rather interesting.  :) Now, I'm NOT at all a fan of abstract art, but considering what it really is, it did look pretty good!  Hey, it needs a good abstract name, Galactic Star burst, or Farris Wheel in Paris.  Or if you want to copy Van Gogh perhaps something more like Walking Your Dog in the Park would be fitting.  :) 

Take a guess??? 

   Ok, I'm really enjoying myself.  I love a beautiful picture or painting, but I see no sense at all in abstract art.  That's why I like to poke fun at it.  It makes no sense at all, no matter how "emotional" you get!  I've always wondered WHY IN THE WORLD doctor's offices, and many other professional places of business have the stuff hanging on their walls.  Its not even pretty!  I've stared at it before TRYING to make sense of it, trying to see something whatever of what the artist was trying to tell us...but I fail miserably.  At the hospital I went to to have my children, they had what I considered to be a piece of the vehicle which used to belong to some unfortunate person who had had a terrible wreck sometime in the past.  My guess was the "artist" went to the junk yard on an especially "emotional" day and saw a huge, gorgeous piece of crumpled automobile hood, got excited, and after taking the piece of metal home, added a few more dents with a sledge hammer, spray painted orange, brown and gold lines across it horizontally, then sat back beaming at his beautiful masterpiece.   It really was hideous, folks!  It made my day, though, every time I walked passed it.  Hey, you need a good laugh when you're 8 months pregnant and feeling absolutely miserable.  I really did enjoy it.  Maybe that was the whole plan to begin with.  Really, though, my poor pregnant, confused brain didn't need any more confusion! 
   I just don't "get" abstract art.  I guess some people really love it and get a thrill out of it.  But not me!  :)  Give me a Thomas Kincaid any day! 


  1. A light fixture :-) And a very pretty, centered one at that!

  2. sure is. I laid my phone on the table when the camera was still on, not realizing it was directly under the light. Couldn't have been more centered! Somehow it took the picture with the black ring around it. It really does look weird. :)