Monday, February 25, 2013

Be Still And Know That I Am God

This picture of Andy preaching at our new church was taken when a lot of folks were out due to sickness so the crowd is down.  Normally, most of the seats are filled.  What a blessing! 
   "Be Still And Know That I Am God".  I love that verse!  Have you ever just sat back in amazement at the hand of God working in your life?  That's what Andy and I have been doing the past two weeks.  We've been in Indiana now for two months and we've seen more happen in the last month than we have in all the years we've been in the ministry.  People are growing by leaps and bounds and it's not anything we've done.  The people at this church have fallen in love with their new pastor and are getting so excited about doing something for God.  One family came up to Andy yesterday at church and the husband told him that they got rid of the TV a month ago and that they couldn't believe the changes its made in their family.  They also ordered curriculum for homeschooling their children because they don't want them getting the world's philosophies that the public schools are teaching.  All this was their own  decision.  Another couple told Andy that after every service they go home and "chew" on the message.  They said that every day they walk their dog at the park and they can't finish their conversations about the sermons before the path ends.  Folks who were barely in church are now jumping in with both feet, and getting involved.  They are seeing their prayers getting answered, they are seeing God's hand in trials and are thanking God for those trials instead of becoming bitter.  They hang around church after the service is over just wanting the fellowship of other Christians. They LOVE coming to church now, and a family-like spirit is quickly developing here.  And Andy and I are sitting back saying, "WOW!  How did all this happen in just one month!"  These people are drinking up the word of God like I've never seen.  A lot of what Andy's taught, they either have never heard, or they never fully understood it until now.  Many times they'll raise their hand during a service to ask a question about what was being said.  Everyone takes notes while the preacher is preaching, and then they'll discuss them later.  God is really using Andy as their pastor.  He's also changed the way Andy and I look at the ministry.  We have really come to love these people and this place.  Seeing God move like this is so refreshing and such a beautiful blessing! 

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