Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Upstairs

I finally finished the upstairs of our house.  Here's the bathroom.  No, it doesn't have two showers.  The space beside the shower is dead space that I'm using as storage, so that's why there's another shower curtain covering it.

Christian's room is finally put together too.  I've been hunting for a desk of some sort so that in a few months we can set up a corner for "school".  I'm going to start teaching him the "basics", and we're also going to start having craft time every day.  Perhaps that will help him develop his "creative side" more quickly.  He loves working on things, and what little child doesn't like playing with paper, scissors, and markers???  Christian is so proud of his room.  Whenever we have company, the first thing he wants to do is show everyone his room.  :)

And here's Audra's room.  One side of the room is hers, that is.  The other side is "mama's corner".  I managed to get all my totes of fabric into the huge closet so that my sewing table is clear for other projects as well.  I love this spot in the house! 

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