Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trip to Tennessee

   We had a good and safe trip to Tennessee.  We originally went down to attended Andy's sister Hannah's wedding, but we also were able to get some paperwork done on our house.  We're in the process of selling it, so the timing for us going back was perfect.  Andy was able to meet with the realtor and get some things done on the business side of things as well.  An offer was made on the house and they've even put $1,000 down so it looks like the house is as good as sold, but they still have 13 days to decide for sure and complete the deal.  Please pray the buyer doesn't back out.  We really need our TN house and property to sell so that we can start saving that house payment for another house up here in Indiana.  We're in town right now, but we'd love to get out into the country again perhaps within a year.  My heart broke for Christian as I watched him enjoying playing outside again.  He's all boy when it comes to the great outdoors, and he's really missed having the run of our 15 acres in TN.  I can hardly wait to get back into the country again and have room to raise our children outdoors! 
   We got to see some of the folks who go to our old church.  We went out to eat with Bro. Bownes, one of Andy's good friends, then went over to the Mall so that Christian could play in the play place while we adults sat and talked.  We had a great time. 
   Friday evening, we headed to Carthage for Hannah's wedding.  It was a beautiful, and Godly wedding.  Its such a blessing to see two young people trying to do things God's way.  Jacob is good fellow and I believe a perfect match for Hannah.  I cried like a baby at the wedding!  You see, Hannah lived with Andy and I for an entire summer one year and she became almost like a daughter to us.  We made a lot of great memories that year.  Now little Hannah is all grown up and a married woman.  Time sure does fly by.  I'm going to miss her!  She and Jacob will be living in Kentucky...about two hours from us.  Hopefully, we'll get to visit them often. 

Andy preaching at church. 

I snapped this right before bed.  I didn't notice their legs til later.  :)

Christian playing with a "punch ball".  You know, those balloons with a rubber band attached to the bottome side.  Surprisingly, Christian is really good at it!  He's got almost perfect timing, so anything with rhythm of any sort, he has almost no trouble with. 

Playing outside at our house in TN

A look of pure innocence!

Christian LOVES lemons!  I LOVE his faces! 

Andy and Bro. Dave Bownes at Demos.  (They have great steaks!)

Christian never meets a stranger.  He tried to play with these two boys at the play place at the mall but when they kept shoving him, he got annoyed with them and left them alone.  He tried to make friends though.  :)  

Playing on the slide.

Jacob and Hannah Dunn

Cousins Christian, Clayton and Leanna


Cousin Annlye

Family at the wedding
Andy and Cody (brother-in-law)
Cody and Rachel White with Annlye

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