Friday, February 1, 2013

Wright Patterson AFB

We had a "family day" and drove over to Wright Pat AFB Museum.  Andy and I had been there before, but that was before we had children.  We knew Christian would love seeing all the planes.  The museum is located in four HUGE hangers.  The first hanger holds replicas of the first planes ever built from the Wright brothers, biplanes, a blimp, and many, many strange looking flying contraptions that never became too famous.  As you walk through the hangers, you see the progression of flight through the World Wars, including some of the bombs they used.  There's a disassembled atom bomb in there as well as many other torpedoes and missiles.  As you progress, the hundreds of planes on display get bigger and beefier.  The last hanger has stealth planes, carriers, bombers, and other military jets.  At the end, you inter into a huge silo of sorts, where you see parts of huge rockets and missiles.  Its very facinating!  And Christian LOVED the trip and talked about planes for quite some time afterwards.  Another thing that was most interesting to me was the fact that my parents met at Wright Pat AFB about 33 years or so ago.  You can see the base from the museum. 

Look at the size of the plane tire!

Christian "driving" a fighter jet. 

The rockets.  It was actually only part of the rockets.  They were HUGE!!!

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