Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Blizzard

   A week after we got here, we were hit with a blizzard.  It was the worst one they'd seen in several years.  Welcome to the North!!!  The snowplows were out in droves, but the town finally called them in because they couldn't keep up with the falling snow.  They'd plow one street and 10 min later, it'd be covered in snow and ice again.  The town shut down for a day, and that's saying a lot for folks up here!  It snowed for about two days and nights.  After the first day though, people were getting out in it, icy roads and all!  And they don't drive slow up here either!  These little cars were driving in the stuff with no problem at all!  After the first day of snow, the school buses were running their routes again as well and life went on as normal.  I wanted to hit the Christmas sales, so Andy agreed to watch the kids for a day and let me get out by myself.  It took me at least a half hour to un-bury the car and scrape the ice from behind the tires just so I could move it.  Then, after skiing backwards out our driveway, I felt like a pro!  :)  The roads were still a mess, but I had a day to myself.  A bunch of snow wasn't going to stand in my way!  :)  Besides, I might as well learn how to drive in the stuff. 
   The blizzard dumped almost two feet on us!  Goodbye sandals!  Yes, I broke down and bought some high boots.  :)

Out our back door.  I could hardly get the door open for the snow piled against it.  The picture doesn't do it justice. 

Our Garage

View of the back of our house

Our driveway

View out a side window of the house.

Andy clearing our sidewalk.  You can see how deep it is against his legs. 

Out our front door.

More snow.
The day I went shopping.
Digging my car loose. 
Snow piled everywhere in town.
It was piled so high where they had cleared the roads, that they were loading snow into dump trucks with bull dozers to be hauled away.
It was piled as higher than the trucks!
In town.
Lots of snow!


  1. WOW that is a lot of snow!! Where do you live?

  2. We live in Liberty, In. For someone who grew up overseas in the tropics, this snowy weather is taking some getting used to! :)