Saturday, January 5, 2013

So Much Has Happened!!!

   Yes, a whole lot has happened since the last time I blogged.  First of all, let me say this, we don't have internet at the house so I have to walk down to the library if I want to do anything online.  Secondly, somewhere in the move I lost my camera cord so I've had to take pictures on my phone.  That is why they are so terrible!!! 
   Well, lets see...   We got moved up here okay.  It rained the entire trip up and the roads were very slick.  I hydroplaned about 5 times, but managed to keep the car in control.  One of our drivers did have a wreck though in Andy's truck about 30 min from Liberty.  He hydroplaned and hit a post of some sort.  Thank God he was okay!
   I started unpacking the morning after we got here.  It is absolutely amazing how much you accumulate over the years!  And I was priding myself on being down to the so called "bare necessities"!   When you start putting all your belongings in boxes and piling them in one spot, you'd be amazed at what those "bare necessities" are!  I was so discussed with myself!  :) 
   Most everything is "put together" again.  I still need to work on Audra's room/my sewing room.  Here's a few pictures of our house. 

My kitchen

Kitchen, opposite from the sink
Leaving the kitchen (door to the right) and entering the dining room.  Master bedroom doorway is on the left of picture.
Stairs leading up to Christian's room on right and Audra's on the left.  Bathroom at the top straight ahead. 

Our bedroom downstairs.  How do you like the dark paneling.....? 

Master bath off of our bedroom. 

Dining room, leading into the living room. 

Living room facing dining room. 

Living room facing front door.

Living room facing front door.

Back porch off of kitchen. 

Another view of the dining room facing the kitchen and master bedroom. 


  1. That was fun getting to see your house! Thanks for all of the pictures. You have a nice home. Can't wait to visit you there!

  2. I actually dont mind dark panelling. lovely home!