Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Kids

   The kids are getting used to their new home.  Christian loves having a huge room, big enough for his bed, a rocker, his bouncy horse, a huge toy box/book shelf and lots of room for play on the floor.  The house is an older one and the upstairs rooms don't have air vents in them.  So we run heaters at night to keep the kids warm.  There are lots of big windows though and its amazing how they reflect the suns rays and keep the rooms warm during the day.  At times, its almost hot up there!  The folks who built these old houses knew what they were doing! 
   Christian started his coughing again a couple weeks ago, then started running a fever.  I took him to the doctor for an antibiotic and found he had bronchitis again.  No surprise...he gets it all the time.  But after a round of antibiotics, and he was still badly coughing, wouldn't eat, and just wasn't himself, I began to really worry.  I did some research online and found the reason for it even before I took him to the doc again.  Then Audra came down with the symptoms the Sunday before New Years.  Yeah, my kids always get sick on the weekends or on the holidays!  Christian on Christmas, and Audra on New Years.  I brought in the New Year holding a very feverish baby in my arms while the town was setting off fireworks outside.  We managed to keep the kids out of the ER and took them to the doc on Wed, the 1st.  I was right.  Both tested positive for RSV, and Christian had an ear infection and Audra had two!  Christian's was also turning into pneumonia!  It made for a long two weeks!  I got next to no sleep for getting up every two hours checking foreheads, giving meds, rocking and comforting, sitting Audra up and helping her cough up mucus, and keeping her breathing clearly.  Christian's first antibiotic wasn't strong enough to knock out the infection, so it just got worst.  He's doing much better now, and is beginning to eat some.  He doesn't have any extra weight to spare!  Audra still had a cough and a lot of mucus, but the meds are finally taking affect.  They had us worried to say the least. 

She's really growing.

She chews on everything!  She's got two teeth now. 

Playing his harmonica. 

Smiley as ever!

And OH, she LOVES to eat!!!

Christian riding Scout.  Scout is broken, but you just don't get rid of a beloved pet, now do you?

She's finally growing some hair!  YIPPEEE!

Audra's already earned the nick name "Big Eyes" up here.  She lives up to it too.  I think they get bigger every day!

I love her fuzzy hair!

Playing with daddy

She loves getting her picture taken, too. 

Trying to crawl

We were on the bed watching a cartoon when Audra crawled over to Christian and started climbing into his lap. 

She laid her head down and Christian absentmindedly began patting her back. 

She wanted him to hold her so badly

Christian's Christmas present!  The Aunts really scored one with this train!!!  Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Audra is too sweet!!! :) She is an absolute doll!!! Christian is such a handsome young man! :) We sure do miss y'all!! We're praying for you all! :)