Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Baby!

   I got my 20 week ultrasound this morning.  Andy had to babysit the kids so he didn't get to go.  :(  I'm always so nervous going in for an ultrasound.  But we got a good report today.  The baby is healthy and right on schedule!  And its another boy!  Andy is tickled pink about having anther son!  I don't care one way or another.  I just wanted this one to be healthy.  It will be nice to pull out the blues again.  Hey, you can't beat the order we've had...girl, boy, girl, boy.  :)  A nice change every year.  :)  We are very, very excited and looking forward to October 22nd, when we greet our newest member into our family!  

Wesley Haddon Price 
(After John and Charles Wesley, and Charles Haddon Spurgeon)

 Interesting note:   We have given each one of our children to the Lord from before birth.  We prayed about a name for each one, and gave them their name on the day of the ultrasound, after finding out what they will be.  We also wanted our sons named after preachers and great men of God.  We believe there is something to a name.  "A Good Name is rather to be chosen than great riches..."   We believe that, (whether unconsciously or knowingly), a child lives up to, or is affected by his name in one way or another.   People in the Bible almost always gave their babies names based on something that had happened or that was going to happen.  I know that my own name has made an impact on me in my growing up years.  So we at least wanted our sons to be named after great people who did something great for God.  Maybe they will someday be influenced by it and follow in their footsteps.  We'd pick a name we liked, then we'd look up the meaning.  The funny thing about it is that with Christian, Audra, and now Wesley, we came up with the names almost immediately.  When I was pregnant with Christian, we couldn't come up with a girl name, but had a boy name within minutes!  With Audra, we couldn't come up with a satisfactory boy name, and so on.  It seems like whatever we were having, that is the name we came up with almost immediately before we even knew what we'd need.  It got to where we were guessing the gender based on what kind of name we came up with first.  :)  It's always worked, too.  :)  Then, when we looked up their names, all three have something to do with "the fields".  Christian Whitfield means "Christ-like in the white fields".  Audra Leigh means "Noble strength in the fields".  And Wesley Haddon means "The heathen in the fields".  This was NOT done on purpose either.  It surprised us when we noticed it!  It just makes you wonder if God doesn't have a plan for these three children in "His fields".  I pray that they will all grow to serve him, whether as preachers, missionaries, or whatever calling He chooses for them.  I pray that they will all be Christ-like in their service!  

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