Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Working in the Peach Orchard

Thinning the peaches.

Constantly on the go!

Don't you hate it when someone takes your picture when you are looking right into the sun??  It always makes a terrible picture. :) 

Andy and Meagan working hard.

Weeding Mamaw's flowers

   Saturday started our Memorial Day with a cookout at the house of one of our church members.  The guys enjoyed a game of horse shoes, while the kids ran off some of that never ending energy.  It was a relaxing evening.
   Sunday was church.  We had some good services, and a few visitors.  After church Sunday night, Andy and I hung around with our song leader's family and sang around the piano for a while.  This is rather becoming a routine.  Its good for us, though, and we all enjoy it.
   Monday, Andy headed out bright and early in the truck for his Grandmother's house.  He wanted to get an early start on thinning the new peaches before the noon cook out.  I got there at noon, and after a wonderful meal of hamburgers, hotdogs and all the trimmings, I took the kids out to the orchard and got in on thinning.  Andy and cousin Meagan had already done a good bit of work.  Christian loved running around getting dirty and Audra played in the grass beside the peach trees.  She was so fascinated at all the "balls" falling from the trees around her!  You know, I can't hardly stand the thinning process!  It would seem that you'd want to keep as many peaches on those branches as they could hold!  But instead, here we are picking them off and letting them fall to the ground.  All that good fruit!  Oh, it hurt to think about!  But, they do grow the best peaches in the world up here, so if picking off half the fruit is the way to do it, I guess its worth it.  I couldn't go as long as Andy and Meagan, but I did enjoy the few hours I was out there.  It was good to get out in the sun.  And with the breeze blowing across the open fields, it wasn't very hot either.  Perfect weather!   I left at 7:00pm to head home and get the kids cleaned up and in bed, but Andy and Meagan kept at it til dark.  They got half the trees thinned and fertilizer on a little over half before they ran out.  We'll go back up on Friday to finish.  It was a good day!


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