Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Great Activity for Busy Toddlers!

   While searching the web hunting for VBS craft ideas, I ran across this great idea to keep my son occupied for a while.  He LOVES tools and is constantly wanting to hammer on something.  He normally gets himself into trouble by banging on the walls, or putting dents in something.  :)  So while at Walmart today I picked up a Styrofoam board and some golf tees.  I already had a small hammer and some pliers, so when we got home, I showed him how to hammer the tees into the board.  Amazingly, I was able to fix lunch and clean up the kitchen with no interruptions whatsoever!!!  Even Audra got in on the fun.  I gave them a bowl to put all the tees in, and she had a ball playing with that and handing Christian a tee whenever he needed one.

This morning, while Audra was in her high chair eating her breakfast, I went into the kitchen to finish up some chores.  I heard some banging around in the dinning room and didn't remember putting anything hard and heavy on her tray.  I went to investigate and found Audra perched on the table playing with my computer mouse!  She had climbed out of her high chair, over her tray, and onto the table!  I never would have dreamed she could do that!  Christian never even tried STANDING in his high chair when he was that age, and up until recently, he's never been a climber.  So this is new to me!  I wasn't expecting her to get out of that chair by herself!  OH, she was SOOO proud of herself!  Needless to say, I will have to start strapping her in from now on.  :)

Since we've been doing some selling on ebay lately, we've had an abundance of cardboard boxes around the house.  Audra found a small one yesterday and climbed in, then proceeded to "box" herself up.  She tried so hard to close all the flaps.  :)

Ship first class to Grandma!

...Ok, I saw Daddy do it like this.......

...well, maybe this flap goes first......

Recruiting some help!

Alfalfa???  :)

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