Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My BORING, LONELY life without Andy.

   You know?  You never know how much you take someone for granted until, they are gone.  This Vietnam trip will only be a little over two weeks long, but Andy wasn't gone three hours when I realized how much he does around here.  I began getting phone calls on his phone, getting mail that needed responses, and having to deal with bills and paperwork that he normally takes care of.  I'm beginning to realize just how much I rely on him for.  I do appreciate him very much.  
   Christian is still doing pretty good with the potty training.  He's had a couple accidents today, but that is expected.  He'll get the hang of it.  I can tell that he's trying because he'll start to go, then catch himself, rush to the bathroom to finish on the toilet.  He did keep his pants dry all night last night.  
   Audra is taking about three or four steps at a time now without falling.  She'll be running around before we know it.  She's so proud of herself and keeps on trying.  She doesn't give up very easily.  
   Wesley and I are doing good.  He's a real wiggle worm!  I've started doing his "devotions" every night at bedtime like I did with all the other babies before they were born.  When I was pregnant with Rebekah, Andy recorded himself reading some Psalms.  I put those recordings and also some classical lullabies on my MP3 player and arranged them to where they would play one after the other, a Psalm, then a lullaby, another Psalm, then another lullaby.  Every baby I've had starts kicking up a storm when they hear their daddy's voice, then calms down and hardly moves a muscle during the music, then starts kicking again when the Psalm starts playing.  Every one of my children have had an ear for music and love it greatly.  Their timing is good, even at this young age, and they love instruments and singing.  Christian can already tell what good and bad music sounds like, and he tells me often whenever we go to the store!  :) He can "feel" the music too.  I think he'll eventually be able to play by ear.  Even Audra, at a year old can find a note when I sing one and hold it out.  She'll start humming and unconsciously raise or lower her voice til she's on key with the note I'm singing.  Christian did this too at a very young age.  I really believe that playing classical music and Bible to them before birth makes a difference.  So, here we go again.  And I'm getting the exact same response this fourth pregnancy as I did with all the others.  Quiet during the music, and excited during the Bible reading.  I think it'll be worth it someday, and I believe we'll continue to see good results from it.  
   I'm doing pretty good with this pregnancy.  Amazingly, my lower back hasn't ached like it did with Christian and Audra.  The pain started with them when I was only about four months along, and so far, there hasn't been much to speak of now.  I'm very, very thankful for that!  Back pain and that horrible aching pressure in the hip area can be so wearisome.  Some of you mothers out there who have had that know exactly what I mean!  Oh, its bad!  So, I've had an easy time so far.  I hope it continues.  :)  I'm getting anxious for the birth though.  I can't wait to see what Wesley will look like!  Newborns are so sweet!  Every age, though, is wonderful! 

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  1. A healthy and pain free pregnancy is a blessing!!