Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trip to Indiana

   We went house shopping in Indiana this past weekend.  We found one little place that would work as a last resort, but the situation is not particularly ideal, so we're still praying that something else will turn up in the next few weeks.  Some folks at the church are working on that end to find more options.
   Here are some pictures of our trip.

Indiana has some of the most beautiful farms I've ever seen.

Definitely CORN COUNTRY!

Massive farms!

Corn fields as far as the eye can see!

Of course, when you have huge farms with 100's of acres of corn to harvest, you need massive equipment.  And the combines are enormous! 

With no wind breaks, the wind was strong and constant.  I felt like I was out West in prairie land!

More huge farms.

How much corn can you get out of a field this size!  Wow! 

The Courthouse in Rushville, about 15 min from Liberty.  Beautiful!

Here it is...Bible Believer's Baptist Church

The Bed and Breakfast where we stayed.  The picture is a little bad.  The lady who owns it is wanting to sell.  We are trying to talk her into letting us rent it for the winter.  Its beautiful on the inside! 

Liberty, Indiana.  Trains are everywhere up there.  I love hearing them blowing their whistles as they rumble through town.  Its so old-fashioned sounding!  Several trains came through every day and even throughout the night.  The big building is the courthouse. 

Liberty.  Its a quaint little town about the size of Carthage.
The houses around there are huge!  This house is the norm.  Most were at least this size. 

Here another big one in Liberty.  I think this one is gorgeous!  I'd hate to clean it, though...

How about some town houses?  Wouldn't mind living in these.  :)

More town houses in Richmond, about 15 min from Liberty. 

Brookville, about 15 min from Liberty.  Not all of Indiana is flat corn fields.  Brookville is lake and state park country.  It looked like TN.

The ever present train tracks. 

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