Monday, November 5, 2012

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

    Chilly mornings, baking muffins, telling stories, scooping up and cuddling a baby, little boy smiles...

   Yes, these some things that make my heart sing for joy!  This morning I got up, fed and changed Audra, then went to get Christian.  I bundled everyone up in warm clothes, and spent some time playing with the children until Audra got tired.  After putting her to bed, Christian and I made Chocolate Chip Muffins together.  His favorite part about that is getting to taste everything, from the flour to the chocolate chips!  He loves sitting on the counter and "helping".  Of course, my beater-lickin' days are over...he's inherited that delightful privilege.  :)  So while he's busy licking the beaters, I slip a pan full of muffins into the oven.  Then I cleaned up the kitchen, and loaded the washer with clothes.   A few minutes later, the smell of beautifully risen muffins filled the house.  I pulled them from the oven, put a couple on a little plate and filled two glasses with fresh milk.  Then Christian and I curled up on the couch with our "breakfast" and read the age old story of Cain and Able while we munched on our muffins and sipped milk.   
   Its good to take a break at times from our busy schedules to just enjoy our family.  We'll sure be glad we did later on when we're old and those special little people are no longer running around making messes for us to clean up.  :)  Yes, these are a few of my favorite things!  I treasure those sounds of childish laughter filling our house!  I love watching Christian and Audra play together.  Seeing Christian's tender moments of love for his baby sister while he holds her, hugs her, or wonderingly fingers her little hands or plays with her wispy, blonde hair.  
   I get so caught up at times with packing and things that HAVE got to be done before we leave, that I fail to notice that my children can feel my stress, my busyness, and sometimes it makes them uneasy and insecure.  Sometimes just setting it all aside for a morning and playing a game, or telling a story can do so much for all of us!  I don't want to EVER be TOO busy for them.  They are too special and you can never reverse time.   

* By the way, I've added a couple new recipes to the Recipe Box.  Check them out!!!

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