Thursday, November 1, 2012

Do we take it for granted?

   Andy and I went to vote yesterday.  It was the last day for early voting and Andy's only chance because he's got other obligations on election day.  So we went and while Andy went to a voting booth, I sat in a chair along the wall with the children and waited for my turn.  As I watched people come and go, I wondered how many of them really took voting seriously.  I mean, think about it.  How many countries around the world are ruled by dictatorships, kings, emperors, communism, etc, and don't have the freedom to actually choose who they want to govern them?   It hit me really for the first time just how important this opportunity really was.  We have freedom.  We can choose.  I thought about the voting in New Guinea where I grew up.  Men with machine guns would stand in the voting booth and look over your shoulder to be sure you picked who they wanted you to pick.  We don't have that here.  No one knows who you voted for, and no one needs to know.  We often forget what freedom is.  Communism and closed countries are another world to us.  We don't understand the things that people go through in those countries...and yes, even in 2012!  We live in comfort here in America and never give it a thought.  We go to the voting booth with the attitude of it being just another thing to check off our daily to do list.  And if we don't get around to it, oh well.  We'll catch it next time around.  That's how America got where it is today.  People don't care anymore about this country, about our freedoms, what this country stood for, what our foundations were.  Remember what a big thing it was when women were allowed to vote?  Its not that big now, though, is it?  Because we've gotten used to it.  Gotten used to life as it is.  Everything is easy, at your fingertips.  This is really sad! 
   I felt convicted as I sat there and watched America vote yesterday.  Everyone I saw there were the older generation...30 and up.  Where are the young people?  Will they even make an attempt this year?  Yes, we've lost our appreciation for our freedom.  We take it for granted.  It'll always be there, so why worry myself over it?  No it won't always be there!  We better enjoy it while it lasts!  We'd better thank God for the opportunities He's blessed us with!  Our children may not get to enjoy them when they are our age.  I've already been telling Christian that when hard times come, he must learn to be strong in the Lord, and stand for what he believes, not give in to pressure and tribulations.  Sure, he doesn't understand it now, but someday he will, I'm afraid.  I do fear for what he will have to face when he's an adult.  
   I want to cry at times when I look up and see the stars and stripes waving above a building.  Who even notices her anymore?  Have you noticed that very few even salute the flag or the national anthem anymore?   I get so mad at times!  I've had to restrain myself from running around snatching hats off of people's heads during the anthem!   There's no respect for America, the flag, and what she stood for. 
   I know, this is not an happy post!   But as you can see, I'm pretty fired up about it!  Lets not get so caught up in our easy way of living that we forget to thank God for our freedoms, and appreciate the people who made this country great.  When you go vote, don't forget what a great privilege it is.  Don't forget the blessings you enjoy every single day.  Don't take this great opportunity lightly!  

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  1. Amen! I am teaching Seth how to pledge to our flag before we start school. We've been doing it for a year and a half, so he knows the words. But recently, he started looking around, shifting, scratching. We start over every time. I want him to respect that flag, and be proud he is American. Also, he's been praying for this election. "Dear God, help America to leave Barak Obama and pick Mitt Romney! And help Americans to love you. Nobody in America loves You anymore . . . big pause . . . well, a few do, but not many. Amen." I had to hide my smile. BJ has a book in his office that really bothers Seth. It's title is in big letters How Satan Turned America Against God. He told me, "Mommy, that is not good!" And that is why he's convinced that "nobody" in America loves God anymore. :) Makes him so sad.