Sunday, November 11, 2012

Its a Small World!!!

   You know?  The longer I live, the more I realize that this really is a very small world!  I'm constantly running into people I know, or knew as a child.  Many times it has been missionaries, or missionary wives who, after getting to know them, we find out that we know each other from when I was a child, or that my family stayed with their family on a furlough, etc.  Its great catching up on people we both know!   I don't know how many friends I had as a young child who are now in the ministry.  Its a blessing to see them grown and doing something for God! 
   Well, it happened again today at church here at Bible Believer's Baptist in Indiana!  I got to talking to a certain Mrs. Kathy Hegg after church was over, and come to find out, they were going to Charity Baptist in Dayton, OH at the same time my parents got saved and started going there before starting deputation to PNG.  They also knew some of my good friends who went to PNG as missionaries as well.  Mrs. Kathy was babysitting my best friend, (PNG missionary kid) while her parents went to Chattanooga (to my home church before Andy and I got married) to go to Word for the World's missions conference.  My sister and I were staying with another family while my parents went to the same conference!!!   Anyway, its weird to think that she may have kept me in the nursery at one time and now I'm going to be her pastor's wife!!!!   The funny thing was that when I saw Bro. John Hegg last time we were here, I remember thinking, "I know that guy from somewhere!  I've seen him before!"  He looked so familiar, and then come to find out, he'd thought the same thing about me.  Of course, I've probably changed more than he has, but I do look a whole lot like my mom, and she was just a little older than me at the time.  It is a very small world! I love it when things like that happen!  :)

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