Thursday, November 8, 2012


   If you haven't noticed, I've really become camera crazy since I had kids.  I hardly even knew I had a camera until babies came along.  :)  I do enjoy making memories.  Andy teases me all the time at the amount of pictures I put on the computer, saying I only need one shot of each one.  I know its silly, but each one has its own personality!  How can I delete them?  :)  I'm the baby of my family, so you know what?  I only have ONE baby picture of me!  I decided that I was not going to get too busy to take pictures of each one of my children.  Personally, I think I've done a pretty good job sticking to my decision!  :)  If you could see my picture file!   I do enjoy snapping memories of my children, my family.  Trying to catch Andy's though is like pulling teeth!  And getting a family picture done is worst!  Oh, well.  I snap away when he's not looking.  :)  

Here's the latest.  

Christian hunting for a toy for Audra.
He loves to play with her.  

By the way, I've updated Christian's and Audra's pages as well!

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