Wednesday, October 30, 2013

May I Introduce You...

   Well, it's about time!  Actually, I've sat down several times in the past week to update my blog, but something would always come up to distract me and the blog got set aside again.  Its been a crazy week to say the least! 
    Wesley Haddon Price was born a little after noon on Monday the 21st.  When I saw him for the first time, my heart leaped!  He looked JUST like Rebekah with his dark hair, eyes, and skin!  My other babies had blue eyes much lighter than theirs.  Rebekah's were a beautiful dark cobalt blue!  Wesley was born with almost the same shade.  The surgery went very well.  In fact, it was probably the best cesarean I've had yet.  The doctor did an outstanding job and I was out of bed the next morning taking care of Wesley by myself.  I felt great...oh, quite sore, don't get me wrong, but not like I had been with the others.  I went home on Wednesday and was greeted by two sick toddlers.  Audra had an ear infection, cough, runny nose, and fever.  Christian has pretty much the same thing with a few additional symptoms and both have been miserable the entire week.  So that's meant fever checks several times in the middle of the night, along with Wesley's multiple feedings around the clock.  So needless to say, I haven't gotten much sleep, and have been getting a whole lot of exercise since getting home from the hospital.  Adding another baby to the household has made a difference in our schedule and routine.  It wasn't too bad when we brought Audra home from the hospital.  I've always heard that the third baby is the hardest to get adjusted to.  I'm beginning to believe it.  :)  Oh, I love it though.  Having another infant in the house has been a joy.  And Wesley really is a good baby.  He can sleep through a hurricane!  That's a good thing considering all the activity he has to put up with during his nap times.  :)  Christian and Audra love Wesley to pieces and its been all I can do to keep them out of his face.   We do NOT need a sick week old baby!!!!  We've been there, done that twice over now and believe you me, ITS NOT FUN!!!   So, its been a fun week!  Audra is beginning to feel better after having been on antibiotics for several days, and hopefully we'll start seeing some progress with Christian soon as well.  Mom has been a huge help!  She's took over the dishes and cooking along with helping out with the kids.  I don't know what I would have done without her!!!  Thanks, Mom!!!
   Having three children in the house has sort of "completed" our family in a way.  I keep thinking about 5 years ago when we had no children and wanted them desperately!  Now "she who was called barren" is now the mother of three!  I praise the Lord for this miracle!  And yes, at times when I feel like if I have to wipe one more nasty runny nose, I'm going to go crazy.  (I can change the worst diaper, or clean up the grossest throw up mess, but when it comes to noses....well, lets just say it ranks up there with the most horrible thing you can think of.  :)  Silly huh, but hey, everyone has their thing.  Noses are mine.  Andy can't handle bad diapers or throw up messes, but noses don't bother him, so we have this beautiful arrangement.....when he's around.  :)  He sends them my way for the diapers, and I steer them to him with a handful of tissue!  Hey, I can do it when I need to, which is more often than not, but I pray for grace every time, then hold my breath, and try not to let my stomach know what my right hand is doing.  :)  No, the sleepless nights, the breaking up of countless fights, the teaching, the correcting, trying to be judge, jury, prosecutor, and defense all in one motherly package can give you gray hairs in a real fast way!  But, in all seriousness though, motherhood is the greatest thing in the world.  I am so thankful to the Lord that he has given me my desire.  When you've had a hard day, feel like you're not getting anywhere, and wondering if you are doing right by your children, and your little three year old pats you on the arm and says, "Mama, I prayed for you today in my bed", what can you say?  It gives me the charge I need to keep going.  You can't give up midstream!  These toddler years are tough, to say the least!  When a child discovers that he actually has a will of his own, and decides to make use of it to benefit him, oh my!  I have two going through that right now, one a boy, and one a girl, WHICH means they need dealt with a little differently in many ways.  Audra is all girl, complete with all the emotions that go with it.  Whew!  Sometimes I wonder what its going to be like when she hits 15!  :)  It can get real fun!  :)  I love it!  Motherhood is GREAT!  Its a good way to find out that you are not near as smart as you once thought you were....  
Wesley Price
First pictures right after birth

Going home

Tuesday morning

Christian's face says it all.

Lets play cars!  Christian was willing to share one of his favorites with his new brother.

My little "burrito" :)

Wesley looks JUST like Christian did at this age. 


  1. Congratulations!!! Wesley is such a beautiful baby!!!

  2. Thanks, Jolene. I feel truely blessed!