Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Last Few Days...

   We're still playing the waiting game.  We had a false alarm Wednesday night and Andy drove me to the doctor to check the baby's progress.  There was none, so we came back home and are back to waiting.  I didn't do much at all the rest of Wednesday, and was able to go to church that night.  By this morning,  Thursday, nothing had happened and the pains had stopped.  I decided that if the baby was going to stay in there, he might as well enjoy the ride.  So, I got out my vacuum cleaner and Kaboom, and went to work.  :)  The house is spotless again, and the laundry is almost done.  I plan to take Audra on a ride in the stroller later this evening, while Christian works in the garage with Andy.  Maybe the walk will do some good.  
   I sure have been enjoying this Fall weather!!!  Its been in the 60's during the day and the 40's at night!  Perfect!  We've pulled out the long sleeves and jackets.  No, I haven't given in and given up my sandals yet. :)  It has to be snowing outside before I put on boots again!  I hate shoes!  I grew up barefoot, and can't stand anything on my foot.  I've reluctantly agreed to sandals, but that's as far as I'll go during the summer!  :)  You'd be surprised what I can do in sandals!  If I can't do it in sandals, I'd rather do it barefoot!  The folks at church here can tell how cold it is outside by what I'm wearing.  Winter has officially arrived when JoAnna puts on her boots.  :)  I never even used to where those when we lived in TN.  But, I gave in when we got 2 1/2 feet of snow last Christmas and my toes froze every time I attempted to go outside.  I lost that battle.  :)  
   Anyway, we've been spending a lot of time outside in the evenings.  We've been praying that God will give us a house in the country soon.  Andy talked to a realtor recently who seems to think he could get us a real good deal on a place when one becomes available.  God knows our hearts and our desire to raise our children in the country.  Town life may work for some, but the best place to raise a child is the country.  We want to give a country atmosphere to our children before they get much older.  Both our children would live outside if I let them!  :)  I pray almost every day that God will grant us this desire and provide us with a house that would suit our needs, with a little bit of land to plant a garden.  I can't wait to raise grape vines again!  I so enjoyed toying around with my grapes in TN, and the result was fresh juice on our breakfast table and jellies on our toast!  There's nothing like growing a garden and then enjoying the fruit of your labor!  Oh don't get me wrong!  God has been so good to us and the house we have in town has been such a blessing and just what we needed to get us moved up here to Indiana last winter.  But we would love to eventually have a country home when God sees fit to give it to us.  And when He does, the first thing I'm going to do is buy some grape vines!!!  :) 

  A few pictures of the last week or so...

Helping mamma with the cleaning

Aren't newborn clothes simply adorable! 

My new diaper bag (as if anyone is even interested :)   My diaper bags keep having to get bigger and bigger!  I found this one and loved the three big compartment it has in the middle of it.  One for Audra, one for Christian, and one for Wesley...and all their changes of clothes, toys, bottles, diapers, etc. that I seem to carry with me everywhere I go.  Believe me!  I've exercised muscles I didn't know existed just carrying the silly thing around!  It feels like I'm carrying bricks in there at times.  :)   And....I'm getting ready to add to its weight.  :)

She LOVES getting her picture taken!



  1. I live in MI and hate wearing shoes too. Still have my sandals on. :) My next rule is no lace-up shoes. I just wear pull-on snow boots or slip on pumps for church :)

    Jael (Girard) Campbell

    1. Hey Jael! It's good to hear from you! How did you find my blog? :) How are you? I guess PNG stays in your blood even after all these years of being away from it. :) Hey email me sometime! My address is on the blog home page. I'd love to keep in touch!