Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"...As a little child."

   As I watch my children, I am constantly reminded of how the Bible admonishes us to become as little children.  Children will trust without questioning.  They love unconditionally.  They'll forgive and forget offenses.  They're teachable.  And the list goes on and on.  No wonder God tells us to be like them!  As I interact with my children every day, I see illustrations of this very concept constantly!  My three year old, Christian is at the age where "Daddy can do no wrong", "My Daddy is stronger than your Daddy", "My Daddy knows everything there is to know", "Whatever story my Daddy tells, it must have really happened", "My Daddy is the greatest thing that hit planet earth", etc, etc, etc.  You get the idea.  Should this not be the attitude we have for our own Heavenly Father?  Take Him at His word, obey without questioning, love unconditionally, know that He'll take care of you no matter what the world or the devil may tell you, know that He'll ALWAYS be there for you.  How often do we fall short of these things! 
   My 18 month old daughter thinks her Daddy hung the moon!  The first word out of her mouth in the morning is "Daddy?" as she slides down the stairs to find him.  Her favorite game is when her Daddy swings her high into the air.  Sometimes, while they are playing on the bed, Andy will hold her above his head by her legs.  She will lean backwards, knowing the pile of pillows will be under her to catch her when she lands.  She knows her Daddy will not put her in harms way. She'll dive off of a chair or table into her Daddy's waiting arms without a thought.  She knows her Daddy will catch her. She trusts him completely.  She sits beside him on the piano bench and watches his hands as he plays and then tries to mimic it.  As I watch her, I wonder how many mornings I wake up with the Lord being my first thought or a greeting to Him the first word on my tongue?  How often have I failed to trust him completely with my life, my family, my total existence and well being?  How often does the Bible teach us to be like Christ and follow His example?  Do we do it, or do we blunder through life doing things our own way, and in our own power?  Do we strive to please Him, or constantly do what pleases us, or makes us comfortable?  
   Last, but not least, my two week old infant.  What can we learn from an infant???  Oh, my!  I've learned so many things from watching babies, some of which have completely changed my life!  Its always fascinated me how an infant knows his Father's and Mother's voice before he even lays eyes on them!  I've watched my newborns turn to us the moment they are born, or respond with kicks even before birth when talked to or sung to.  There's a familiarity there that comes with being a son.  Should we not be just as familiar with our Heavenly Father that we recognize His voice when He speaks to our hearts?  An infant will calm down immediately when his mother or father is holding him.  I've tried to mimic that "special hold" with someone else's baby, and it never works.  They somehow KNOW who mama is or who daddy is.  They are never fooled by a stranger.  Ah! What a lesson there!  This world will try hard to mimic the Lord, will try to fool you into thinking what it has to offer is just as good as what God can give you.  It will slightly change and distort the truth.  And how often do we fall for the "strangers" hold?  How often do we cuddle up to the world when we should be throwing the biggest fit you ever saw!  Should we not recognize the difference between the world and the Lord?  As my infant son cuddles up to me, I can feel him relax in peaceful contentment.  Total trust that he's completely safe in mama's arms.  Can you trust the Lord in this same way?  Put yourself completely in His care?  No matter what may happen around you?  Complete reliance on the Lord as your Heavenly Father to know what is best for you.  Ah, yes, there's so much a child can teach us!
   " little children"!  That statement is loaded!!!  

Christian wanted to "surprise" me by washing dishes.  He did a good job too!

It looks like he's cheering!  :)

What a look!


  1. Great post, Jo. I tried posting on this same thing recently, but I think yours is so much better! Love and miss ya!

  2. So many wonderful thoughts and spiritual applications, JoAnna! Enjoy those babies!