Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our House in the Country!

   Our offer on the house in the country has been accepted!  We had to do a little bit of painting around the windows in order for the house to pass the inspection, so yesterday we spent the day over there doing that and thoroughly enjoying the 65' weather!  What a beautiful day!!!  And today its windy and snowing again!  I think God gave us a special day yesterday so that we could get the painting done and the inspections in progress.  We'll be in TN the rest of this week, and if we hadn't been able to get that work done, it would have put off the house inspection until sometime next week.  Instead, the Realtors will try to get it done within the next couple days.  The kids absolute LOVE the place!  The yard is big and beautiful, with lots of trees, some flat land in the sun for a huge garden, and a perfect hill for sledding!  The house is actually sitting on a hill and the view around it is stunning with fields, rolling hills, pastures, and even some "mountains" in the distance.  Its somewhat breezy up there on that hill, but the trees help block a lot of it.  I'm sure we'll greatly appreciate that breeze in the heat of summer!  Andy ran the hose out back for about three hours yesterday to test the water in the well.  It never did slack off in the least, so I guess the well has a good supply of water.  Hopefully, it'll pass the inspection as well! 
   The house has three bedrooms, with possibly a fourth, two full baths, a kitchen, dining room, "sun" room, living room, LOTS of closets, full basement, and a huge garage.  There's also a 20 by 40 ish barn and a small garden shed.  It was built in the 70's and is in great condition.  The lady who lived there before was super super neat and clean, and you can find evidence all over the place of her caring touch.  The carpet is original, and you can't even tell where a piece of furniture was sitting!  There are no matted or slightly dirty "paths" on it through the house, and no discoloration or fading at all.  In fact, it looks brand new.  Only draw back....its green.  Oh, not just ANY green....but bright Kelly green!!!   I've been trying to figure out just how in the world I'm going to match ANYTHING with it from furniture to pictures on the wall!  Google images, here I come!!!  Its the best carpet they ever made, and time has proven that, but why for goodness sake, did that lady pick GREEN!   My decorating skills will definitely be put to a serious test!  My ever practical husband..."Why would we want to tear it out?  It'll last us a lifetime."   Uh, yeah....  Makes sense....   Good ol' practical sense.  BUT ITS BRIGHT GREEN!   Oh well.  We can always look on the bright (did I say bright?) side.  It'll be a great conversation piece, ice breaker, you name it!  Green carpet can be rather handy when you think about it.  We all have had really awkward company moments when you are scrambling, searching the past, tearing your brain apart trying to come up with something interesting to say to some terribly shy or quiet visitor.  (Or has this only happened to me???)   "Hey, how do you like my green carpet?",  "Did you bring sunglasses?  Good!  You'll need them before I can let you in.", "They say the grass is always greener on the 'inside'",  "Yeah, we love grass.  We decided to grow a little extra in the house.",  Yep, great conversation piece.  Never fail ice breaker.   Now, how many of you want to come on over just to see my beautiful carpet?  :)  Hey, maybe we'll have constant company due to our colorful floor covering.  Blessing in disguise?  :) 
   In all seriousness, I can live with the carpet.  We've decided that we can live with just about anything in order to see our children grow up in the country, playing outside, getting dirty, climbing trees, planting a garden, riding their bikes, sitting outside on the back porch counting the stars under an endless evening sky, roasting marshmallows by a fire.  The things you just can't do in town.  Oh, how I've missed the country life!  As I watched the kids run and play all day long yesterday, I caught Andy's eye and knew we were thinking the same thing.  There's no amount of money, time, hardship, or struggle that would keep us from giving this wonderful life to our children.  They will be better for it.  Its worth a little hard work and sacrifice in order to see them enjoy the simple country life.  I thank God for letting us have the opportunity to buy this house.  I pray that it will pass all the inspections and that we can be moved in very soon!!!   The well especially needs to pass. 
   Our Revival went very well.  Bro. Buster Kinsey did an outstanding job!  Bro. Schleckty had a huge selection of magnetic scripture signs to choose from, and our people bought many of them.  I'm looking forward to seeing them on cars, doors, refrigerators, etc.  :)  I got a few with our new home in mind.  :) 
   We're heading to TN early tomorrow morning before dawn. It'll take us about 7-8 hours to get there.  I sure hope Wesley does good on the trip!  Andy is looking forward to going to the Pastor School at Cornerstone Baptist Church on Thursday and Friday.  And I am hoping to visit a thrift store or two.  :)  Maybe I can find something green to match my carpet....but we won't go there again. 

View from the side of the house

View from the side of the house. 

Back yard

Back yard

I love the concrete bench under that big tree!

Pardon my make shift windbreak.  :)

Taking a break

Audra had some thick mud in her dump truck, and as she drove past, I heard her say to no one in particular, "Mud Exciting!"  :)

Playing with her "exciting" mud.  :)  She amazingly kept her clothes clean, well, that is until Christian soaked her with the hose.


  1. Congratulations, Joanna! It is beautiful!!! It seems like kelly green was the "color of the year" last year (or at least recently) so there should be lots of inspiration online. :-)

  2. That's what I've been hearing. I wouldn't know. :). I guess things come and go, and then come around again. I've done double takes at some of the recent "modern" clothing styles. I remember as a young teen making fun of the funny clothing and hair styles folks wore in the 70's. Now I see much of it in real life every time I go to Walmart! :). So maybe there is hope for the green carpet after all. :)

  3. Incredible view. What a blessing! So happy for y'all.