Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This and That...

   It was -6' when I woke up this morning!  I took some trash out to the barrel out back after breakfast and did some mighty fancy stepping in my bare feet.  Yes, bare feet.  Four inches of snow on the ground, icicles hanging off the house, and I'm in my bare feet.  I hate shoes!  I wear them only when I have to.  :)  I finally gave in this morning, though, and put some wool socks on.  It was just too much.  :)  Christian's just like me.  The minute he walks into the house, off come the shoes and socks.  Andy's been trying to get him to wear socks in the house to keep him from getting sick, but every time I turn around, he too is barefoot.  He especially can't sleep in socks!  I agree!  That's the worst!  :)  I'm ready for spring!!!  I can't wait to bury my toes in fresh turned, warm dirt!  I'm dreaming of the day we get a place in the country and I can have my own garden again!  There's nothing like getting out there and planting a freshly turned garden!
   Well, I got brave and colored my hair yesterday!  I've never done it before, but I'm so ready for a change!  So I got it cut into layers at my shoulders, got rid of the bangs, and then colored it a rich brown a couple shades darker than my natural color.  I LOVE it!  It looks so healthy now!  Probably my imagination of course, but any woman out there knows what a brand new cut feels like!  :)  Much less, a new color on top of a new cut!  I really like it.  It took Andy a little adjusting to, but he finally admitted he likes it too.  (Very important! :)  He's always worried when I go get my hair cut.  :)
   Not much is going on around here.  I've got terrible cabin fever and am ready for some warm days.  I went through the kids clothes yesterday.  They are finally out growing everything.  A new thing for Christian and Audra.  Not a new thing for Wesley.  He's wearing 6 month clothes, and even handled one of Audra's 18 month white onesies the other day!  He's not real fat, just big!  And getting bigger by day it seems.  My three month old "baby" is just about as long as two year old Audra is tall!  I can't keep him in clothes.  I'm pulling out Christian's hand me downs constantly hunting for something that will fit him.  I can't imagine what he's going to be like if this continues into the teen years.  Food is going to be a real issue!
   Audra gets her foot braces in about two weeks.  She'll have to wear them for at least 9 months to a year.  Hopefully after that, we'll start seeing some improvement in her feet and legs.  I pray that her legs will begin to strengthen and grow straight.  I thank the Lord that we caught this problem early enough to do something about it! 

I love the laugh lines around his eyes.  :)

First day of "school".  We're working on the ABC's and numbers right now.  Christian loves it and is so eager to learn.



  1. My husband also worries when I get my hair cut which is not very often:):) You look beautiful!!!!!!! This hair style suits you

  2. Thanks! It's actually been very easy to deal with and not too time consuming, which is what I need. :)