Wednesday, January 8, 2014


   We discovered a couple weeks ago that Audra has a problem with her feet and ankles.  Her feet are beginning to turn out at the ankles causing her to walk on the insides of her feet. The problem isn't real bad yet, seeing as how it is in its early stages, but if left alone, it would begin to cause her terrible pain in her legs, feet, hips and back as she grows.  Sometimes you can correct the problem with braces, special insoles and good quality high top shoes.  The tendons and ligaments in Audra's legs and feet are weak and causing her feet to collapse.  By bracing her feet with special insoles, good shoes, and therapy, there's a chance that her feet will strengthen as she grows and will straighten on their own.  I reckon its a slow process.  If it doesn't work, there is a complicated surgery that could possibly correct the problem, but it can't be done until she's done growing at around the age of 18.  Please keep us in your prayers as we begin to take steps to get her taken care of.  I'm begging the Lord that He will heal her feet and straighten them within the next couple years.  My mother's heart breaks when I think of my baby girl living with pain every day!  Sometimes you wonder why things like this happen.  But God knows what He is doing and I know He's got a reason for this.  If nothing more than to get us to simply lean on Him and trust Him.  

Please pray for Audra! 

Our couch hold so much static!  Every time Audra plays on it, her hair stands on end!  :)  She had no clue!  (Wish she would grow some hair on the sides...she looks like she's got a Mohawk!)

I was cleaning out a closet yesterday when Christian found this black hat.  His eyes got big and he said, "Look, mama!  Its a Roy Rogers hat!!!"  and off he ran to find his toy shot gun.  Of course Audra wanted one too. :)  They played with those hats most of the day. 

This ones for you, Mom.  :)  Every time I turn around she's stealing Wesley's two blanket out of his swing or bassinet.  They are identical to her own except for the color and she loves them and thinks she has rights to them all. :)

My big boy!  Look at those hands!  He's huge!  His hands are as big as Audra's now and my 2 1/2 month old is now wearing six month clothes and the same size diapers as my two year old Audra!  When I dress Wesley, I always pick out no less than three or four outfits because I know he won't fit into the first couple I try on him.  :)