Friday, January 17, 2014

Getting Healthy

   I've decided to start getting some healthier snacks in the house for the kids to munch on.  Audra is so tiny and I've made it a goal to try to put some meat on her bones.  :)   I went to the Amish store earlier this week and bought a bunch of Honey Crisp apples, my favorite kind.  I also bought some red and white wheat berries to grind for bread.  I've got a recipe that makes homemade wheat bread soft, light, and quite edible instead of heavy as a brick.  So yesterday, I sliced the apples and loaded my dehydrator.  My family loves dried apples!  The kids simply can't get enough of them.  I want to try making fruit leather, too.   I made some a long time ago in the oven, but never in the dehydrator.  I know the kids would like that as well.
   I also ground up some wheat and made a big loaf of bread.  There's really something to grinding your own wheat instead of buying it at the store already ground.  After just one loaf, you can tell a difference in your energy level and general health.  Its amazing.  When Andy and I first got married, I had a slew of health problems, including gallbladder trouble and some problems with my blood sugar.  After dieting, exercising, and eating a lot of fresh ground wheat bread, I lost 20 lbs in two weeks, was able to keep my gallbladder, and my blood sugar eventually leveled out...all without medication.  So I'm a firm believer in it!  I've heard that fresh wheat can cure many other illnesses including some cancers.  Its an interesting study to say the least.  I know it worked for me.  And the kids LOVE the fresh bread!  I bought some whipped honey from the Amish store, and Christian and Audra ask for it on the wheat bread almost every meal.  Hey, you can't beat that!  Better than chips and Kool-aid! 


Playing with "glass" balls, those little jelled balls that you put in water and they grow to 200 times their size.  They were all over the kitchen floor by the end of the day, but the were kept busy for hours!  

My Red and White Wheat berries.

One of the two most used things in my house, my Kitchen Aid!  The other is my sewing machine.  What would I do without them???

Wesley is SO easy going!  As long as he's dry and full, he's happy and will grin at anyone who will stop and give him a glance.  He's definitely my easy baby.  He can sleep anywhere with noise going on all around him.  He fell asleep on the kitchen floor today while I cooked and the kids ran around driving their trucks and other toys around him!  This morning he fell asleep on the floor of Christian's room while I went through the toys, tossing the broken ones into a box right beside him.  He slept right through it all without a care in the world.  I love it!!!


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