Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The First Autumn Day??

   We had such beautiful weather yesterday!!!  It was in the low to mid 70's with a slight breeze blowing.  My kind of weather!  I simply could not stay indoors, so I loaded up the kids and we headed for the park.  It was so nice to get out for awhile and not be miserable because of the heat.  I'm ready to see the leaves turn and fall to the ground.  Breezy days and cool evenings!  Yes!!!  September is one of my favorite months of the year.  I sat outside yesterday evening while the kids played in the yard and Andy worked in his garage.  Christian pulled out a little red wagon and the kids spent the next hour riding around in it....well, Audra rode and Christian pulled.  He really felt like big stuff now that he's big enough and strong enough to pull his little sister all by himself.  Audra was terribly happy with the arrangement as well.  She's as bad as Christian when it comes to wheels and rides and anything that moves.  :) 
   I had an appointment yesterday to see a diabetic dietitian.  She got me set up with a good diet to get my sugar under control and eased some of my concerns about the baby as well.  I've actually been watching my diet very closely for about two weeks now and my numbers have been real good the past 5 days.  The doctor was very happy with the progress and said that if I keep it up, I most likely won't have any problems with it after the baby is born.  I have too much amniotic fluid, making my tummy measurements read that I'm at least three weeks further ahead than I actually am.  The baby is only measuring 4 days ahead, which means he's pretty much right on track and not too much overweight.  I've got 7 weeks to go, but since the fluid is stretching out the uterus making it think there is a bigger baby in there than there actually is, I very well could go into labor at least three weeks early.  My body would think it was time for delivery.  This is why many diabetics deliver way early.  I've been having a LOT of contractions lately, and sometimes even laying down and resting doesn't calm them down any.  I doubt I'll make it to October 22.  I really do need to go another 3 weeks at least though.  We don't want baby to come too early!  One thing that was very encouraging though was that the doctors at this hospital don't put pressure on you to stop having children if you've had over 4 cesareans.  This will be my fourth one, and I was worried that they would tell me I had to stop.  The doc says that as long as I heal well and everything looks good, I can keep having children until they see a problem.  They do not put a limit on how many cesareans I can have!  Praise the Lord!  Perhaps God will continue to fill our home with children! 
   Mom is home and staying with us til after the baby is born.  The kids have really enjoyed having Grandma around.  Andy is enjoying driving her nuts!  I enjoy watching them go back and forth at each other, in play of course.  :)  Mom has already pulled some of her pranks, like putting a black rubber mouse in my silverware drawer!  I told her that she's going to make me go into labor sooner than I need to!  At least she hasn't pulled out the rubber cock roaches yet, but I'm sure she's got a stash of them somewhere in her bags.  You have to know mom!  On the outside she can appear shy and quiet, but boy! she can really be something!  She loves pranks and gets real tickled over her victim's misery!  :)  But she can take as much as she dishes out as well.  I just hate to get involved because once you get her started, there's NO end to it and you have to constantly watch your back!  (I know you're going to read this, mom, so don't get any ideas....I remain neutral!  :)


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