Saturday, September 28, 2013

Three More Weeks!

   The countdown is almost over!  And I'm glad for it!  :)  This newest, yet-to-be-born addition to the family seems to be as ready as I am for him to see the world.  His kicks are becoming quite fierce!  My sugar has leveled out, an answer to prayer, so I've felt MUCH better the past few weeks, other than being VERY tired!  I've tried to keep myself busy with chores to overcome the tiredness and make the time go by a little faster.  My latest project was detailing (cleaning with a little tiny brush the interior of) the van.  The people who had it before us smoked in it and there was residue on all the plastic parts and the clothe lining.  I haven't gotten to the seats and carpets yet, but they need some attention as well.  Its taken me a couple days of cleaning and I haven't even completely finished all the plastic in the van.  I didn't realize the chore I was biting into when I started this, but it needs done anyway.  It sure makes a difference.
   Christian's been doing very well with keeping his bed dry at night.  He's stayed dry for the past 5 nights, but then wet the bed this morning.  I honestly believe it was simply because cumbersome mama couldn't fly up the stairs fast enough to help him climb out of his bed.  :)  He'd been frantically hollering that he had to go, but I guess we missed it this time.  We'd made the rule early on that he had to stay in his bed until permission was given for him to get up.  Mostly this rule was for nap time.  Well, he's learned it well, and it's sort of backfired on us a little.  :)  Because now he'll sit or stand on his bed waiting patiently for one of us to come up the stairs to tell him he can get up and go to the bathroom.  Yes, we've told him time and time again that he's more than welcome to get up and go by himself and that he doesn't need permission for that, but he insists.  :)  So unless he gets a verbal "Yes, you may" every single time from Andy or I, he stays on his bed, no matter what.  I love the obedience, but... WHEW, he's wearing me out these days!!!  :)  By the time we make it to the bathroom, I'm completely out of breath!  :)  There's been a time or two I've wondered if washing another load of laundry was easier than making another mad dash up those stairs!  I always choose the mad dash in the end though.  Someday this will pay off.  It seems to be working already.  Or....maybe its the prizes waiting for him on the top of the refrigerator after a dry night??? 
   I'm scheduled to go into surgery on the 21st of October, if I don't go before.  Please pray that Wesley's birth will go smoothly and that he'll be a healthy baby.

Are you comfortable, Audra???

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