Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's been happening?

   The days are flying by!  Andy and I are planning a VBS, and also a Youth Night in the next couple months.  I will also begin teaching a Sunday School class and playing the piano for church on Sunday nights.  We have two other piano players as well, so having to play only one time a week gives everyone a break.  One of the girls will be leaving for college in the Fall and I will be taking her place on Sunday mornings as well after that.  
    The fellow in charge of the street preaching ministry at our church as to work a lot on Sundays, thus missing several services a month.  He asked Andy that if he would come on his off day during the week, would Andy preach to him.  So Saturday, he came over to the church and Andy preached his heart out to Bro. Steve Ash, me and the kids, and one other lady who is regular in the street ministry.  It was a small crowd, but a real blessing to Bro. Ash.  Afterwards, he and Mrs. Lori headed out to go pass out tracts on the streets.  Not long after they left, Andy got a call saying they had a flat.  Andy went out and "rescued" them, brought them to the house, and fixed the tire.  It was about to rain, but they decided to go out as long as possible.  About an hour later, Andy received another call from Bro. Ash saying that three teenagers received Christian on the streets!!  What a day!  The devil was fighting, but the job got done anyway.  Bro, Ash and Mrs. Lori are such a blessing!  They are so faithful, rain, shine, snow, or wind, they'll be on the streets every week.  He's a real soul winner and a huge blessing to Andy.  
   The Phillips family who got saved a few weeks ago are as faithful as ever!  They love the church and are jumping in with both feet.  Andy's been teaching four piano lessons and one music lesson each week, and seeing progress.  He's also planning a trip to Vietnam with Bro. Mike Roberts in June, which he's very excited about!  I'm going to HATE being home by myself for three weeks, but I reckon I'll survive it.  :)  Its a wonderful opportunity for him and he's absolutely going to love getting to know all of Bro. Mike's orphans! 
   I've got my first doctor's appointment set for next Monday.  I've really put it off this time.  Trying to get settled in has really kept my mind busy.  I'm 15 weeks not, and it won't be too much longer before we find out what this baby is!  I'm really looking forward to it.  I've got a hunch its a boy, but I've been wrong every time so far, so my hunches don't really count.  :)  My sugar has really been bad this pregnancy.  With all my others I felt better when I was pregnant!  Strange, I know.  But with this one, I'm fighting it every day.  A nurse in our church gave me a monitor and some glucose strips so I've been testing my sugar to see where I'm at again.  I haven't tested in a few years, so I  probably need to start monitoring it for awhile during this pregnancy.  Please pray about this.  I can't seem to keep it high enough throughout the day.  It normally drops in the evening and stays low all night and into the next day, and it takes a lot to get it high enough to where I feel good again.  I really don't want to have to go on insulin or anything during my pregnancy.  I'm trying to get it regulated again by just eating small meals every little while, but its not really working like it used to.  Just can't get it to raise very well.  Please pray for me and the baby during the next few months. 
   Now that the weather is warming up, I've been trying to get the kids outside more.  They are not the only ones who are craving the great outdoors these days.  :)  I've already told Andy what I wanted for our anniversary.  A picnic on the river, some fishing, and perhaps some swimming.  A day with the family outside.  Hey, I'm easy to please.  :)  
   We've been going to Andy's grandmother's farm to work on her peach trees.  Andy's been pruning them and getting them ready for spraying and thinning.  I was able to help out a little bit yesterday with cleaning up the pruned branches and piling them for burning.  Andy's been trying to learn how to take care of the peach trees so that someday we can plant our own when we get a place in the country.   They grow the absolute best peaches in the world up here!  They're soft and tender and sweet as candy!  They literally melt in your mouth.  I've NEVER had one quite like them.  If we could plant our own, I'd never buy another hard store bought peach again! Christian had a great time playing the fields and singing at the top of his lungs!  It was a beautiful sound.  :)  

Audra's birthday present from the Aunts.  THANK YOU!  She loves it!!!

Christian and Audra LOVED Mamaw's walker!  Audra is getting just as bad as Christian when it comes to wheels and things that go "VRRROOOM"!  She's got her Daddy's blood in her!  Sometimes I'll catch her playing with Christian's trucks, driving them around on the floor, revving her engines.  Forget the dolls!  Give me a truck!  Oh...boy!  :(   Its hopeless....with a daddy and big brother who love anything on wheels! 

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