Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby and I...

   Here's a little update on my latest pregnancy.  They say that every pregnancy is different, and I've found that that is definitely the truth!  Rebekah's was very easy health wise, but a hard delivery ending in Cesarean. I had morning sickness with her the entire pregnancy.  Christian was somewhat easy, morning sickness lasting only four months, some back trouble towards the end, and another hard, long delivery ending in Cesarean.  Audra, the little rascal, was very difficult pretty much from start to finish.  I was so sick for about four months, and had a whole lot of back pain with her.  A very short labor, though, due to the fact that she was breech and had to be taken before I got too far into the labor.  I'd always tried to deliver normally, once laboring up to 20+ hours with one baby, but I've never gotten further than a two.  With Audra, I have to admit, it was a relief going in and an hour later I'm holding a baby.  Not much work involved, other than what goes along with having the surgery. 
   I'll probably try again with this one, too.  I would love to have a baby normally, but I guess its not the Lord's will that that happen for me.  That's okay.  You do what you have to do.  I thank God for modern medicine because I'd be dead three times over if I lived in the 1800's.  I have a good feeling this pregnancy will also end in surgery, but that's fine.  We'll see how it goes. 
   I've felt really good with this one!  I'm 13 weeks now, and into my second trimester already!  Time sure is flying by!  I've been sick off and on, but nothing at all like the other three babies.  The tiredness is also hit and miss, which is a blessing due to the fact that I've got two other children to chase around all day.  You know, first time moms have it real good!  I get a little frustrated at folks who badmouth first time moms when they fuss and fret over the pregnancy symptoms.  Oh, I think you need to get up and do what you need to do every day, and deal with the sickness and other symptoms like a mature grown lady.  BUT, at the same time, you have to give them a little slack.  Those of us who have had two, three, four, or more children, have gone through it, been there/done that... yeah we're real pros at it.  We know what to expect.  We can't just lay around in bed all day because we'll have three other children jumping up and down on us crying for their breakfast, or needing a new diaper, or a nap, etc.  We have to get up, throw up, get it over with, and then get on with our day and not take a second glance back at that warm, cozy bed that we're just dying to crawl back into.  But remember, those poor girls who suddenly find themselves with child have no idea what to expect.  They may be just learning how to deal with the newness of a young marriage, learning how to cook, clean, and keep a new house for a new husband, and live a brand new life.  Then along comes a brand new baby into this overwhelmingly new world of theirs!  And along with it, comes new sickness, new tiredness, new physical changes, new plans, and sometimes they feel as if its all bigger than they can handle.  And in the midst of trying to cope with all this "new", they get torn down by us veterans who think they should just get up and get over it.  They will learn in time that they must do just that.  But didn't we all go through a little of this on our first time at everything???  Everything takes a learning period.  A time to grow, to mature, to learn to cope patiently with what comes our way.  And even some of us moms who've "been there, done that" still do our share of complaining behind closed doors.  (Our poor husbands)!  Again, don't get me wrong, I think you ought to grow up and go about your day, dealing with those beautiful symptoms and not gripe about it constantly to every listening ear.  But at the same time, everyone needs time to grow.  It doesn't happen overnight.  So have some patience with those first time moms!  They will learn in time.  They will eventually see just how good they've got it.  :)  They CAN get by with sleeping in till ten if they wish.  They have all their time to themselves during the day and can do whatever they wish, whenever they wish.  If their back hurts, go take a two hour soak in a warm tub.  :)  It won't always be like that.  Oh, I'm not at all complaining.  I wouldn't trade my two children for the world!  These busy toddler days won't last forever, and I'll once again have all the sad lonely days to myself when they are gone.  (And from everything I've heard from grandparents, those days aren't as glorious as they may seem at times when you're being pulled in five different directions by tiny hands.)   No, I enjoy these days.  I love their little kisses.  I love getting romped in the morning by a two year old boy who has more energy than Niagara Falls.  No I wouldn't give it up or go back to my childless days.  You young, new mothers out there, just remember.  In the midst of all that newness, all those miserable sick mornings.  Just remember how good you do have it.  Even though having a houseful of children is bliss in its own way, you won't always have all that free time to yourself.  Later on, you get to experience the joys of busy motherhood.  Having had none, and now being one of those very busy moms, I'm dreading the day when I have to go back to an empty house.  So enjoy EVERY stage of it.  Try not to fuss about the symptoms.  They are for a very good cause.  And you mothers of many, try not to get too frustrated at those young moms.  We were all in their shoes at one point and we all did the very same thing!  So have some patience with them and let them grow.  :)
   I'll be going to the doctor soon for my first visit.  I've been putting it off this time.  But I am about ready to go get things started.  I'm feeling the baby move now, and have been for a little over a week.  It came a whole lot earlier this time.  :)  I love feeling those little flutters.  It always brings a smile to my face. 
   I'm always amazed at the miracle of a baby!  It never gets old to me.  I imagine God "fashioning" those tiny fingers and toes as a potter would mold his clay.  The delicate and intricate network of veins, and tissue that complete our makeup is beyond what my mine can comprehend!  The human body is a very complex machine, so perfect that only an all powerful GOD and Creator could put such an instrument together and make it operate so correctly.  It blows my mind how much can be happening in an infant no bigger than an inch long.  When the tiny heart starts beating, try to picture all that's going on in there...those four chambers, the arteries pumping just the right amount of blood through them at just the right speed.  The heart in itself is a complex organ!  And to think of all that going on in a baby no bigger than a bean!!!  WOW!  And they say it all happened when a star exploded somewhere in space???  Evolution?  Common now!  The human body is too perfectly put together, it HAD to have been a Creator Who did it.  Every baby is a miracle straight from Heaven.  And we get to watch that miracle being created over the coarse of nine months.  What a beautiful thing!  It never gets old to me.  I love every minute of it.  And then, at the end, you hold the finished masterpiece.  A tiny infant who can breath, hear, smell, see, feel, and somehow just happens to know who his mother is and how to nurse even though he's never seen her before, or nursed before in his short little existence.  It is a beautiful miracle!  A gift given to us from a loving God.  Motherhood is a beautiful and enormous privilege!  Don't ever take it for granted! 

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