Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Audra On Easter Sunday

Definitely Has Her Daddy's Eyes.  :)

   Audra will be a year old in just a couple weeks.  Its hard to believe!  She's small for her age, but then, so was Christian.  She's trying to walk, and its sure going to look funny when she finally masters it, seeing as how she is so little.  I've been trying to get her to gain some weight.  What little fat she keeps simply settles in her face, and won't go any lower!  Her tummy has absolutely no fat at all.  That will be a good thing when shes a teenager, but right now, I'd like her to have a little chub at least.  She's so tiny!  There's a 3 month old at church who weighs more than she does!!!!!   
   I took this picture of her on Easter Sunday in her new dress.  She was so proud of that dress, and so shy when her Daddy told her she was pretty in it, and fussed over her.  She buried her face in my shoulder and would peek out at him smiling.  Its starts very early!  

   Andy and I have been looking at a house in the country.  Its a big place...two stories, a basement and big attic, but cheaper than our little house in TN.   It sits on a slight hill overlooking a small community.  You can see and hear the trains rumbling through the community, and the tall steeple of a little white church far below. There's pastures and corn fields all around us.  Its so peaceful, and so beautiful.  I took pictures of the house, inside and out.  If we end up getting it, I'll be sure to post them!  The house needs some work, which we are willing to do, and would enjoy doing it.  It was built in 1890, and has some antique, built-in furniture, pocket doors, beautiful carved woodwork, and intricate hardwood patterns in the ceilings and floors.  It also comes with a few acres, a big barn, two wells, three fire places, and a furnace system that heats the house.  We fell in love with the place immediately!!!  Its definitely our dream house.  We're praying about it right now, and Andy is checking with the realtor, owner, and the banks for information on the place and to see if we can get a loan on it.  He's also having a contractor from our church inspect it tomorrow to see what it actually needs before we could move in, IF we buy it.  There are a few things that would have to happen before we could get the place, so we are praying.   As much as we love the place, we want God's will.  We never thought we would find a place like this!  Its just perfect!  It would be such a blessing to be in the country before the baby was born.  But like I said, we want God will on the matter. 

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