Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More Snow!

   We got hit with another 6 -8 inches last night.  Christian and I went out this morning and tried to build a snowman, but the snow was too powdery and wouldn't stick together.  Christian had just as much fun romping in the snow though, so he wasn't too disappointed about not getting the snowman built.  We'll have to try again soon. 
   Praise the Lord, our house in TN sold!  This is a huge answer to prayer!  Now we can put our money towards a house here in Indiana and a minivan. 
   My Ladies Meeting went well.  Because of the snow coming in earlier than expected, we had a smaller crowd than we'd hoped for, about 15 ladies.  Several who lived in the country didn't want to risk the icy roads.  By the time everyone went home, the roads were pretty bad.  My car wouldn't even move on the gravel parking lot, it was so ice packed!  So I hitched a ride with someone going my way.  I'm glad I didn't try it myself.  I'm not real good at driving on ice yet, and when these folks up here say its bad, its real bad!  They're not afraid to get out in it, so when they hesitate, I take their word for it.  :)
   We've been having a family visit the church the past week.  The mom, and teenage daughter came to the Ladies Meeting last night and when they left, the mom said that they would be here again on Sunday.  It looks like they will stick it out.  They are not saved, but are searching.  They seem like a good family and our people have really gone out of their way to welcome them.  I think the Philips family like it here and I pray they will continue to come and come to know the Lord soon. 
   God is really blessing this ministry.  The people are growing and loving coming to church like they never have before.  They soak up the preaching like sponges, and then retain it and try to act on what they've learned.  We are seeing a whole lot of spiritual growth in many of the families.  They are becoming a close knit family and are being strengthened by it.  If one misses a service, they will get flooded with phone calls to check on them, to let them know they were missed and are cared for.  This is what a church family is supposed to be like.  We are seeing God working everywhere we turn!  There is an excitement in the church that has been lacking for some time.  What a blessing!  I pray that they will continue to grow.  Andy and I have really come to know and love these people.  They tease me about saying "y'all" all the time.  I told them that its so much easier and uses less facial muscles than trying to pronounce "you all".  I don't think they believe me.  Oh, well.  That's one southern habit that's going to be tough to break.  :) 

Christian and I

The snow did finally stick, so we were able to build a snowman after all.

Notice the snowplow attached to this Gator.  :)  I love it!  I do love the snow, too.  When there's a lot of it.  We've got about 8 inches today. 

Christian enjoyed playing on this Gator.  A couple from church drove it over this afternoon.  They swept off our sidewalks just to be blessing to us.  And they definitely were! 

I made a taco dip the other day and used an avocado in one of the layers.  I cleaned the seed real good, then gave it to Christian to play with.  You'd be surprised at what keeps my two year old occupied for hours at a time. :)  The seed has a little bit of bounce to it.  Christian loved it! 


Does this look good, or what!?  It was...those strawberries were every bit as good as they look. 

Explaination--My curious son.  He kept saying his mouth was hot during his bath.  I had no clue what he was talking about until I spotted this bar of soap.  He took a big bite right out of it!  Why?  That's what I said!  He had chunks of it stuck between his teeth and it was all I could do to get it all out!  He had soap foam in his mouth by the time I finished brushing and wiping his teeth!  :)  I'd say he'll never try that again.  :) 

Andy working on his project vehicle.  He's building a Suzuki Samurai from the ground up. 

Christian "working" on his bike.


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